The United States was thrown a curveball when the Covid-19 outbreak began in March of 2020. Companies suddenly had to learn how to deal with this life-changing pandemic all the while keeping their businesses afloat and their employees calm.

Our world has changed since March 2020, but so has the world of business in the United States. Let’s look at ways the pandemic has altered the hiring landscape and why hiring the best staffing agency is a fantastic plan moving forward.

Remote Work and Hiring

Businesses have relied on technology for decades, but the pandemic has changed how much we rely on it. To keep employees and families safe, many offices closed either temporarily or permanently as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Because of this, businesses had to quickly learn how to utilize technology to keep their businesses afloat during uncertain times.

Remote work has now become a norm, and many workers enjoy having the flexibility that remote work offers. Working parents can easily spend more time with their families, make more meals at home, and avoid long commutes to the office. But how has this changed how businesses hire?

Hiring has also become a remote process for most businesses. But many companies are still figuring out the technological aspect of running their businesses, let alone trying to determine the best way to hire people online, too. This is where staffing agencies come into play. When you hire the best staffing agency, they will take care of the remote hiring process from start to finish. This way, you can focus on determining the most efficient way to run your company and train new employees once knowledgeable headhunters find you qualified candidates for your business.

Social Networking

Social media has also been on the rise since the pandemic began. More people are using social media to stay connected to friends, family, and coworkers. But that’s not the only thing it’s been useful for. Social media networking has also become more widespread as a form of finding remote and in-person positions. Headhunters in all sorts of industries, like marketing, information technology, engineering, social media management, accounting, and more, are using networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to reach new potential hires. Companies in the media and technology sectors are especially looking for younger, innovative hires right out of college and internships that have a fresher take on social media.

When you hire the best staffing agency in your area, you can depend on excellent networking skills. Headhunters are trained to use the newest technology to find hires that will fit your company well. Recruiting agencies also have connections to many industry leaders, which will help you get the new employees your company may need to grow and prosper.

Company Culture

Did you know that 80% of millennial new hires wonder how they’ll fit into the culture of a company that would like to hire them? Culture in the workplace is something that more and more companies, big and small, are trying to improve.

Company culture is defined by how a business gets things done. It also refers to how employees behave and feel toward their organization and those who run it. In a positive workplace culture, employees feel safe and heard, and management isn’t seen as the enemy. In fact, an employee who works in an organization with excellent workplace culture likely enjoys their job and doesn’t view it as a chore.

The younger generations are finishing college and now joining a workforce that looks different than it did 20, 10, and even five years ago! People of all ages are realizing that they want to work in organizations that value them and their work as well as compensate them fairly.

With that being said, the best staffing agency must keep this information in mind as they recruit workers for various industries. Having the right information about a company before recruiting for it will be to their advantage; this way, recruits can have a better understanding of the companies interested in hiring them and can make informed decisions.

Internal Hiring

More and more companies are also turning to internal hiring – but this doesn’t affect the role of staffing agencies. When companies grow and need more people in management positions, it’s often a good idea to promote employees and hire new people to fill those now-vacant positions. This is where the best staffing agency can help.

Internal promotions are a great motive for people to accept a position at a company. When a recruiter shares that a company is avid about promoting from within and helping you grow in your career, a hiree may be more interested in starting their career at that company. Younger hires especially seek to work for organizations that will aid in their career development. Recruiting and staffing agencies can use this information as a hiring tool and get newer faces in the door of expanding companies that care about their employees from the very beginning.

Personal Development for Recruiters

Changes in today’s hiring landscape have not only affected who is getting hired and how people are getting hired. It’s also changing how headhunters help businesses staff up. Recruiters are consistently being trained and learning newer and better ways to find the talent that particular industries and businesses need. They are also focusing on their own personal development so they can be the best possible headhunter for your company. The best staffing agency will provide the necessary resources for recruiters to stay on the top of their game.

As you can see, the pandemic has drastically changed the hiring landscape for companies and recruiting agencies. Here at Kane Partners, we take pride in our ability to pair you with a recruiter who will have your company’s best interests at heart. We understand that Covid-19 has changed the way you do business, so we will find hirees who are adaptable to the new ways companies are running in this post-pandemic world we now live in. If you’re interested in reliable staffing solutions, please contact Kane Partners today. We look forward to staffing your organization with the top talent in your industry.