Hiring in the tech industry is a complicated process and can take time away from other urgent obligations. While some companies have an internal hiring team, this can get tedious over time. They won’t have the appropriate resources to find the right candidates with the right qualifications. This is why hiring for Java programmer jobs is done best using a headhunter. These professionals spend their time familiarizing themselves with the field and what is desired in candidates. Keep reading to learn about what a Java programmer headhunter can do for your business.

Offering Skills Tests

Before a candidate even appears in your email, your headhunter will have the candidate go through a series of tests to prove their competence. The best staffing agencies will ask you for a detailed list of all the responsibilities required by the position to share with candidates. They’ll also have knowledge about terminology used in Java, in order to quickly assess candidates.

Candidates should be asked about their proficiency with the language and with object-oriented programming. They should understand threads, data types, and the class loading mechanism before your recruiter gets into the specifics of a Java programmer job. Different skills are required at different levels. Make sure you’re communicative with your staffing agency service about the level of the position and the requirements.

Confirming Certifications

A computer science degree is the first thing to check for in an IT hiring process. For filling Java programmer jobs, certifications are also important. Your recruiter should ask candidates for proof of their Java EE and Web Services and Java SE certifications before moving forward.

Communicating With Each Other

The best way to have a successful hiring system is to talk about the position that needs to be filled. Your headhunters should come to you with an outline of their hiring plan. Then you can craft it together to find the perfect candidates.

Thirty-five percent of recruiters report stress from finding qualified candidates, and the stress they get from slow client offers is at 30%. Stay in touch with your recruiter and the candidates they provide to keep the process moving quickly. After this, trust that they have the experience and connections for filling your Java programmer jobs.

At Kane Partners, you’ll find the recruiters to help fill your Java programmer jobs. Reach out today to speak with a recruiter about how our process will benefit your business.