Informing Candidates they did not get the Job

With many IT, manufacturing, and engineering jobs to staff in Philadelphia, the search for top talent is competitive. Even when candidates look like the perfect match on paper, after interviewing them you may find they may not be the best fit for the position. 

Turning down candidates may be the least fun part of the hiring process, but it’s something that needs to be done, and doesn’t have to be uncomfortable if approached correctly.  Here are some ways to respectfully turn down candidates:  

Let the candidate know as soon as possible

Don’t leave your candidates hanging.  They are in need of a job, and the sooner they know they aren’t getting this one, the sooner they can move on to the next. Your candidates will appreciate not having to wait it out. 

Pick up the phone

A phone call is the more personal route to take and the better one if you’ve met with the candidate in person. If you are more comfortable sending an email, just make sure to personalize it so it doesn’t come off looking like a standard rejection letter. You want to leave the candidate with the best impression of your company so they do not hesitate to apply for an open position in the future. 

Keep it short and to the point 

Start off by thanking the candidate for taking the time to go through the interview process. There’s no need to give a lengthy explanation, but you can briefly state what you liked about the candidate and why you ended up extending an offer to someone else. This way he/she knows what skills to focus on for a similar type of position.  End by wishing the candidate well on his/her job search. 

Encourage the candidate to apply again

Just because the candidate wasn’t right for this position doesn’t mean he/she wouldn’t be great elsewhere in the company.  If you could see candidates in another role, encourage them to apply to other openings. 


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