Skilled and talented job candidates are always in short supply. But in a tight labor market, it becomes even more challenging to find good people. 

Unless the employers have a smart recruiting strategy in place, they can find themselves struggling to hire candidates with the right skills. Partnering with an experienced recruiter in Philadelphia can make this task easier.  

Here are a few tips from staffing agencies in Philadelphia, which can help you find good workers in a tight labor market.


Create a Concise and Current Job Description

The job description must be concise and fully updated to reflect your job requirements accurately. 

Management, engineering, or IT staffing process begins with the right job description. Otherwise, all efforts that follow a bad job description will only set you up to hire a poor fit or suffer from high employee turnover. 

A tight job market gives the deserving candidates more leeway to pick and choose the best opportunities. Therefore, the more unambiguous and forthright you can be in the job description, the better your chances of landing the right candidate. 


Bolster Your Brand Communication

To attract high quality candidates in a tight job market, your brand communication should be coherent and impactful. Your human resources department should work in tandem with a good management, IT, or engineering headhunter in Philadelphia to ensure that your brand identity is aligned to the interests of the potential candidates. 

When a candidate applies for a position in your company, they should know what your brand stands for and what value systems it reflects. Discuss these issues with a good staffing agency in Philadelphia for best results. 


Consider Video Job Ads

Video advertising provides a better opportunity for potential candidates to acquire the right understanding of the job and an overall feel of the company. 

A good video can bring your company alive, and make a stronger impact on a promising candidate. According to some surveys, 80% of Americans say that a recruiter’s video explaining a job role provides them a better understanding of a job opportunity. 


Hire a Good Recruiter

In a tight labor market, it is important for you to recognize that you’re not the only game in town. Good candidates have numerous job options. You need to join hands with a good engineering recruiter, IT staffing firm, or another Philadelphia headhunter to achieve your hiring goals swiftly and cost-effectively.  

A good non-technical or technical recruiter in Philadelphia will have their finger on the pulse of the local job market. They will be able to provide valuable insights to your hiring team about what is moving the market. 

They will have access to the best talent pool, and will know how to connect with them, what are their career and salary expectations, what are their skill sets, and what kind of hiring challenges are prevailing in the market.

The best engineering recruiters in Philadelphia will serve as your eyes and ears in the labor market and act as collaborators in your mission to hire the best talent. 

Passive candidates are often the best in the business, but they may not respond to your job ads or search actively for jobs online. However, they will usually have relationships with trusted Philadelphia recruiters.