Recruiting and staffing agencies start with recruiting but have an impact far past that first step. Once they have a candidate, they have to decide where they fit best in your company. The best staffing agencies will place a great employee, retain those in place, and provide a base of support for those in the future. Find those, and your retention and company culture will be second to none.

Identify The Needs of the Company

It helps to have an accurate view of the current staff. The strengths and weaknesses of your company’s staff should be considered before plugging in another worker. 80% of potential millennial employees are concerned with the culture of the company before they are even in an interview process. The workers of the future are those that you need to market to. The shape of recruiting must shift with the shape of the world.

Make sure your staffing company knows what you want and need. And make sure they are on board with it! Having many leaders and low communication may not be the best strategy for the goals of your company. Make sure you are addressing the quantifiable needs of the company with your staffing agency before going forth with hiring.

Understand Who You Are Hiring

It is important for recruiting and staffing agencies to have an understanding of the content they are hiring for. This means specializing in the fields of headhunting and recruitment, and you should seek out these professionals to handle your future employees. IT headhunters, mechanical engineering headhunters, and manufacturing recruiters have to understand the qualifications of their candidates and of the hiring company. This could include special certifications and degrees that are unknown to the recruiter. Do your research just as they have done theirs!

Finding a candidate that fits with the company and that has the proper qualifications is of the utmost importance. You also have to find the right recruiting and staffing agencies to fit your needs. Knowing the culture and design of your own company will help staffing agencies find the best fit for you.

Using headhunters to staff leaves the professionals in charge. They find the right candidates and your company benefits. If you’re ready to work with a quality recruiting and staffing agency, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.