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5 IT Hiring Tips

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Building the Ideal IT Candidate

The technology community is in a great position. Their investment for success is often centered on people. As the acceptance rate of technology, applications, touchscreen experiences, smartphones and wireless continues to increase, the demand for talent increases.  People are the necessary component of a successful tech company. How do you find the right person to fit your IT tech company?

Here are a few tips to help you find and land your dream IT candidate: 

1. Understand the Job:

When hiring, carefully prioritize what you put in the position description. What your company needed in the past may not match the current need, and it may not be what you need a year from now.

Don’t limit yourself with skill sets you’ve required before unless they’re still relevant. Be specific, and consider who will be drawn in by the job description. Is there a skill that can be taught for the right candidate?

2. Be Prepared:

Before interviewing a candidate, get to know his or her résumé. What questions do you have or need clarification? What do you want to explore about their experience that is relevant to your company?

Keep in mind that a qualified candidate will probably have multiple offers, and it’s important you communicate your company’s positive aspects during the interview. Don’t be afraid to engage in an intelligent conversation about the industry, but don’t try to intentionally intimidate the person you’re looking to hire.

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3. Find an Expert:

You need to be able to evaluate whether or not a candidate has the technical expertise required for the position. If, as an interviewer, you’re unable to discuss the technical skill set in detail, find someone who can. Bring in a colleague or an expert to engage the candidate and listen to their feedback. IT staffing can be incredibly complex given that most HR interviewers won’t know what questions to ask.

4. Check References:

References are an important aspect of the hiring process. It is important to call the references and/or review the references provided by your staffing firm. Be sure to discover the candidate’s work style to better understand how they may fit your work environment. Avoid generalities like “What do you think of this person?” If you ask specific questions you’re more likely to get a sincere answer to help you make your decision.

5. Consider the Corporate Culture:

Keep in mind that corporate culture is a huge part of the hiring equation. When weighing each candidate’s qualifications, consider how his or her personality would mesh with the rest of the staff.

Tech companies are known for having great work culture and environments – boasting extras like game rooms, break rooms, a casual work environment, and team sports. Companies that offer these perks should make sure the candidate sees the culture and work environment, especially if they are weighing multiple offers. If your IT company does not offer these amenities, make them aware of why people choose to work for you!

The U.S. Department of Labor measures that it costs 1/3 of a new hire’s annual salary to find a replacement, which means that finding the right hire is extremely important. For more information about finding the right IT candidate, contact us.


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