As a business owner, you may not have a ton of time to hire new employees, especially when you just created a brand new position. Newly created positions may make you feel that you need to focus more on this hiring process, so you can ensure you are hiring the most talented candidate for this position. It doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you hire a recruiting and staffing agency that can help you stay focused on the other parts of your business while they take care of the entire hiring process. Here are three reasons to use a recruiting and staffing agency to fill a brand new position.

Selection of Talented Candidates

Recruiting and staffing agencies are knowledgeable about who they need to find for certain positions. There are many staffing agencies that have expertise in different types of fields, so you can trust them to find the top talent you desire for your line of business. You can give the headhunters a detailed description of everything you want out of the candidates for this brand new job listing.

You Can Save Time

When you list a brand new position, you may have a lot more applications than expected. This can be overwhelming, especially when you still have a business to run. By hiring one of the best staffing agencies in Philadelphia, a weight can be lifted off your shoulders. By using headhunters to staff, they can decrease the hiring process to only a few days. They can even deliver you amazing talent that is qualified for the job in less than a day if you are in desperate need to fill a position.

They Have Access to Different Networks

Hiring a headhunter can help you see more than just the people who applied for the position. They can reach out to tons of other potential candidates using their networking skills, which can be really beneficial to your business. Some job seekers may not be actively looking for the specific job you have listed, so when you do create a brand new position for your company, headhunters can find this talent, by reaching out to them for this opportunity.

According to, 63% of job openings are newly created positions. Creating a new position for your business can expand your team’s talent. These are just some of the ways a recruiting and staffing agency can help your business out tremendously. Find out how we can help you increase your team’s talent today.