Unemployment rates have soared from 3.5% to 11.1% with a real rate of 18% since March 2020. This has saturated the job market that was already competitive. As a result, it’s harder for companies to find the ideal candidate from many job seekers, especially in the IT field. If you have experienced this challenge first-hand in your tech company, you must have wondered if there’s a better way to hire new employees. This is where IT headhunters come in.

When you trust IT headhunters from the best staffing agencies to recruit new employees for your company, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

1. Tap From A Large Database of Skilled and Experienced Candidates

Filling a vacant position in your tech company, especially one that requires specialized skills, is not as easy as it sounds. Here’s what happens when you advertise for such positions through your company’s human resource department. For starters, you’ll receive thousands of applications from qualified and unqualified candidates as well. Second, the ideal candidates who match the profile you’re looking for will probably not come across your job ad because they’re meaningfully engaged in another company.

Admittedly, it’s hard to appeal to the best talents in the tech field through a general job ad. For you to land the best-fit applicants, you must speak to them directly. The only problem is that you may not know where to find them and convince them to jump on board. Also, you may not have the time to do that. The good thing is that IT headhunters have the time, skills, and means to get you the ideal candidate.

2. Attract Specific Candidates You Admire To Your Company

The best staffing agencies in Philadelphia with years of experience under their belt have developed effective IT staffing solutions from their large database of talented engineers, programmers, and other IT specialists. As such, your IT headhunter can easily contact the best talents in the industry and convince them to join your company. All it may take to attract experienced lead coders to your company is restructuring your job description to address their pain points. A good IT headhunter will help you identify what the top talents are looking for.

The reality is that most employees in the tech industry, particularly young and skilled workers, are willing to vacate their current positions in favor of more fulfilling positions. A 2020 study found that two-thirds of millennial employees planned to leave their current jobs for a new position. As a hiring manager or owner of a company, you can capitalize on this status and attract the top talents to fill your vacant positions. Lucky for you and your company, the best information technology headhunters will have you covered.

3. IT Headhunters save Your Company Money and Time

No manager wakes up motivated to browse through hundreds of job applications only to find two or three worthy candidates. It’s a tedious job that eats into your productive time. Even worse, you may have to involve other employees in the hiring process when you need all hands on deck in the daily company operations. In this sense, the time diverted to the recruitment process may cost you big because your operations will slow down.

Instead of sacrificing your productive time when you’re already short of personnel, you should let an IT headhunter do the legwork for you. You may only take time to interview a few applicants recommended by your staffing agency. This ensures that you get the right candidate fast, without going through lengthy interviews. Additionally, you’ll find that the best staffing agencies work on a contingency basis. This means that they’ll only charge you for their services if you make a successful hire.

Thanks to IT headhunters, you don’t have to interrupt your daily company operations to sieve through hundreds of applications and conduct lengthy interviews to recruit a new employee to your team. Information technology headhunters have made recruitment easy, fast, and cost-effective for companies in the tech industry and other fields too.