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Splurge Worthy Work Related Items

People often question if they are spending too much or not enough money on themselves. Is there such a thing as too much? The truth is, more people splurge than those who don’t. So the next question, are you splurging on yourself for the right reason? Do you think of it as a way to make yourself feel good, or treat yourself for a job well done?  When spending a large amount of money on yourself, especially in one trip or one purchase, it is important to remember the reason for doing so. As recruiters we encourage a few career splurges that may help you look the part, or just a good reason to splurge!

If you are in the workforce you should “look the part”, but what does that necessarily mean? Depending on the job you possess or the job you are applying too, you may be expected to dress a certain way or own certain technological devices such as a smartphone or laptop.

Many people have heard the phrase, “Look good, feel good. Feel good, perform good.” It makes sense. But making yourself look and feel good can come with a price tag and sometimes will deter people from spending on themselves and cover other expenses instead.  Unfortunately the big ticket items we want we may delay purchasing or may feel guilty after making the purchase. But we shouldn’t feel guilty when the thing(s) we are purchasing are beneficial to us, especially our career (within reason of course).

As a part of your work attire, it is expected to dress appropriately. If you are in a business professional environment this count mean a fitted suit for the guys and great pair of heels for the ladies.  Here is the key – you want to invest in a few good staple items. This is where you “look good and feel good” – splurge on yourself and get a properly tailored suit, it will be worth the extra $100-200 in the long run. Ladies being business professional can also mean a fitted suit or the right simple, yet elegant accessories, such as a handbag. With so many of us on the road today, we are often required to take things with us. Getting a designer bag such as a Kate Spade, Coach, Tory Burch, or Gucci is not cheap but certainly worth the investment.

June 19th is National Splurge Day – use it as an excuse to order that watch, bag, suit or accessory that you have been putting off. Own your career, be bold, be confident – slurge – today is your excuse!

Looking for other ways to splurge? Treat yourself!

Business Professional Work Clothes

The articles of clothing that tend to have a higher price tag, are the ones who probably hold the best quality. Making such a purchase is worth the investment for a few reasons: if your workplace requires the same style of clothing 5 days a week, it makes sense to buy the clothes that fit you best and will withstand constant wear. Wearing clothes and shoes that fit and look nice will help you feel more comfortable and give you the utmost confidence to perform on the job.  

Not all clothing as to be expensive or brand names – instead look for quality for the staple items you will wear daily. If you are a tight budget stick to solids and standard colors that you can mix and match with less expensive accessories, ties, shirts etc.

Business Appropriate Jewelry & Accessories

Accessorizing your work outfit can sometimes be challenging, especially when jewelry trends change faster than new technology. If a business professional environment you don’t want to wear “too much” jewelry- this could mean an arm full of bracelets or a handful of rings.

Choosing the right accessory is key. For guys, an obvious purchase is a watch, adding class and you can incorporate your personal style and personality. For gals, a staple necklace, bracelet and earrings are a great start. Simple gold or silver chain with a pendant can add class to your look. Accessories can also include scarves and a purse, which is a great way to spruce up any outfit showing your personality within the business professional guidelines.

Technology for Business Professionals

We are in an era where just about everyone communicates through technology, mostly their smartphone. When it comes to splurging this is a category that can go a long way in helping your productivity.  This is where you don’t want to skim to save a few dollars. The right device can provide reliability, speed and steady communication from just about anywhere. (Don’t forget to get insurance.) It is important that your device works, maintains a battery and is equipped with the right tools, i.e. apps.


Haircuts and Styles that Wow

As crazy as it may sound, it is hard to overlook a good haircut. Keeping a clean haircut does not only help you look more professional but also can help you feel more confident, fresh. In today’s society, long hair on men and groomed beards are popular. In this category the key is groomed – washing your hair and yes brushing your hair may seem overly simple- but it must be stated for the record. You are EXPECTED to shower and be groomed in a business professional environment. Hair, or lack of, is part of your character and how other perceive you- own it. Going into work with a bad hairstyle or groomed could make employees not take you serious or trust your work. Pay for a haircut that helps you look the way you want.

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