Tech Jobs Growth Continue to Rise

The tech jobs in the US continues to be of the most lucrative and high-growth sectors for job seekers.

Here are some of the fastest-growing tech jobs that you should consider if you are focusing on building a tech career.

Software Developer

The demand for software developers has been strong for decades and continues to grow year after year. Software developers are the people who develop applications and build systems that allow devices such as computers and smartphones to run automated programs.

Most software developers may create applications such as games, word processors, databases, and so on.

A solid computer programming background is necessary to become a software developer.

Some of the popular programming languages that can help you become a software developer are JavaScript and Python. The number of software developer jobs is projected to rise at rate of 24% through 2026.

Web Developer

Web developers deal with the design and development of websites ranging from their technical operation to download speed, navigability and aesthetics. Web developers need to have knowledge of both graphic design and computer programming.

Most employers seek candidates with a bachelor’s degree in programming, computer science or any other related discipline, and preferably some work experience too.

A good understanding of writing codes like SQL or JavaScript and multimedia software platforms such as Flash will also help to get a job as a web developer. Jobs in this sector are expected to grow at an annual rate of 15% through 2026.

Data Administrator

A database administrator (DBA) is someone who ensures that the data of an organization is properly managed and kept secure. They see to it that the database environment is maintained efficiently and kept out of bounds from those who do not have the authorization to use it.

DBAs make use of specialized software to manage data. This tech field often requires having a good knowledge of various database management tools, including SQL (Structured Query Language), Oracle-based application, and SAP.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, MIS (Management Information Systems) or any other computer-related discipline is generally required. The projected future growth rate for this job is 11% per annum through 2026.

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Systems Analysts, also regarded as systems architects, are required to examine and analyze a firm’s computer systems and processes, and formulate solutions that aid the company in running more efficiently and productively.

They utilize both business data and information technology. Their duties include consulting with managers to decide on the role and function of IT systems within the company.

A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field such as I.T. or computer science is usually required for this job. This tech job is expected to grow by 9% a year through 2026.

Information Security Analyst

This is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the tech world today. Information security analysts strategize ways and carry out measures to safeguard a company’s computer networks and systems.

Their responsibilities include monitoring the company’s data networks for security breaches and carry out an investigation when any violation or breach occurs.

Information security analysts must be up to date with regard to the latest developments in global IT security and must stay abreast with the latest tricks and methods being adopted by cyber attackers. This job has a very high projected future growth of 28% through 2026.