Top Tech Jobs in 2018

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Tech Jobs in High Demand

With rapid technological advancements and the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, staffing agencies in Philadelphia report that the number of tech jobs in certain areas is outpacing the availability of skilled personnel.

According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures, jobs in information technology (IT) are set to grow faster than all other jobs in the next few years.

The following are some of the best tech jobs in 2018:

Blockchain Developers

Some of the leading Philadelphia recruiters have noted an array of top job opportunities in the emerging area of blockchain technology.

From renowned tech companies and financial service providers to the government, competitive organizations are looking to implement blockchain. IT professionals who can build blockchain platforms and related programs to help employers leverage the power of blockchain for increased operational efficiencies are in high demand.

AI Engineers

Experienced engineering headhunters suggest that there is a significant dearth of top talent in the field of artificial intelligence engineering and machine learning at present. Some of the best paying tech jobs are coming up in the field of AI, deep learning, robotics, and predictive analytics.

Transfer learning algorithm is another promising area for AI engineers, which involves learning from the available data in one domain and applying that learning in a new domain to increase efficiencies.

Cloud Integrators

IT staffing firms are buoyant about the emerging job opportunities in the field of cloud computing. Latest technologies are now being developed keeping the cloud in mind.

Developers and implementation specialists with expertise in cloud solutions are highly sought-after by technical recruiters. Key job roles include cloud architects, cloud infrastructure developers, and hybrid cloud integrators.  

Data Scientist

Advanced data science is becoming integral to how companies make decisions that are data-driven. Big data analysis allows companies to evaluate market trends, solve business problems, and reduce operational costs.

LinkedIn’s 2018 “Most Promising Jobs Report” shows that job opportunities for Data Scientists have jumped by 45% y-o-y. According to IT recruiters in Philadelphia, this job role is commanding top salaries for IT professionals with experience in big data.

Cyber Security Analysts

Data security is one of the most sensitive issues for large companies today. The job of an information security analyst promises high pay and solid career growth for the right candidates. In 2017, the job of a cyber security analyst was highly coveted due to the emergence of cloud based storage of data.

According to some technical staffing experts, the number of job openings in this area could be as high as two million by 2020.

VR, AR, and Mixed Reality Developers

A Gartner study showed that virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality immersive solutions are likely to comprise at least one-fifth of the digital transformation strategy of business enterprises in the next two years.

The demand for VR and AR developers and security experts is likely to outstrip the supply by far as more companies embrace these cutting-edge technologies to compete in the marketplace.

Full-Stack Engineers

IT engineering recruiters say that there is a boom in demand for full-stack engineers, who possess a combination of both front-end and back-end web development skills. As more companies shift away from traditional platforms that involve hefty licensing fees, full-stack engineers with skills and acumen in Python, PHP, and HTML/CSS are in top demand.

Final Thoughts

With the widening tech skills gap, businesses are willing to offer top pay to attract the right talent and achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Qualified candidates should get in touch with experienced and reputable technology, or, IT staffing firms to find the best job opportunities to bolster their career in 2018 and beyond.



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