Need a Job… Call a Recruiter!

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Finding a Recruiter who Benefits you

It’s a rough & tough market today, lots of layoffs and lots of uncertainty. What do you do, who do you turn to?

Call a Recruiter!

1. Call Kane Partners if you specialize in IT, Engineering, Manufacturing/Production, Scientific, Executive/Management. If not research agencies that specialize in your area of expertise that cover the local region you are searching or willing to commute too. Just because an agency isn’t in your town or state, does not mean they can’t help you.

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2. Once you find an agency contact them and send your current resume. Prior to the call make sure you have taken the time to update your resume and have it ready. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have any advise or tips to help improve your resume.

3. GRAMMAR GRAMMAR – you would be surprised how many grammatical errors are on resumes, from spelling to punctuation to word use. Ask someone a family member, friend or neighbor to take a look at your resume, is it clear concise and without error.

4. Agencies are free to YOU! Companies pay the agencies to find the best people on the market, active and passive.

5. They help negotiable salaries and benefits packages, making sure you get the best possible offer without losing the deal.

6. They give you the back story of the company, the need, why it’s open, insight on who will be interviewing you and ultimately what to expect. Kane Partners will coach you prior to the interview so you are prepared when you walk in to be at your best.

7. Feedback. Because agencies are working with the agency, you will be more likely to get timely feedback.

8. They know the market. Agencies are paid for their knowledge of the market and candidates. An agency can best place you in a company and interview.

With all this in mind we strongly recommend you reach out to an agency to get a feel for the market, know the patterns and know how to position yourself so you can get the job and not lose out to someone else.

In today’s market, you have to play smart and get your resume to the right people not just reply to any ad online that “looks like it fits”.

For more information call Kane Partners and we will be more than happy to help!! Visit the job board today.

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