Looking for a Purple Squirrel?

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Strong, Effective Communication through the Recruiting Process

Most organizations we work with have a good handle on the value of a full life cycle recruiting firm like Kane Partners and effectively leverage every bit of the 100+ years combined recruiting experience our executive staff offers. They hire us, keep us involved from initial consultation through the interview and compensation negotiations. Active communication between Kane and our client throughout the hiring process greatly enhances the value of our service and optimizes the likelihood of a successful search.

This is true for the majority of our clients. On occasion, though we’re engaged by a company that utilizes our services to simply source the candidate, with a ‘thanks, we’ll take it from here’ posture once an introduction is made. Fortunately this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the results can be excruciating for all parties.

Full Life Cycle Recruiting

Many assignments we are seeing require something we’ll call ‘skill set stacking’.  Companies, in their never-ending quest for greater efficiencies, are stacking skill sets into a single role that historically belonged to multiple roles. (Computer automation makes this this phenomena possible.) Sometimes the skill set combination is unique enough or market demand is high enough there may be only one or two targeted prospects available in their market, price range and time frame. In the technical recruiting, IT recruiting and Engineering Recruiting spaces, this type of search is known as a Purple Squirrel.

the recruiting life cycle

Fortunately, the vast majority of our clients are so thrilled we are able to find such a creature that our suggestions regarding the successful completion of the search are acted on. However, when the company declines input, bad things can and often do happen. Missteps at critical moments send negative messages to the candidate. It doesn’t take many discordant messages to damage the fledgling relationship, leading to a job offer turn down.

If you are a company that engages a full life cycle recruiting firm like Kane Partners, take advantage of all their input and services. It may just help you corral the Purple Squirrel you have been seeking.   


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