Job Hunting This Summer?

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Challenging Job Markets in Summer Months

If you find yourself among the millions of American’s seeking new employment opportunities this summer, we have one word for you: PATIENCE!

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Perhaps more than the financial markets, the job markets do best when visibility is high. The job market loves macro-issue-blue skies. Conversely, clouds of uncertainty regarding future interests rates, political turmoil, international trade or the negative milieu of world events can conspire to dampen demand for new hires.*

On top of that we now have the summer months with which to contend. The time we all look forward to when we are employed is also the most challenging time to find a job!  Vacations, shortened work weeks and the general challenge getting enough people in the company together to complete the interview process can slow things to a crawl.

So what is a job hunter to do?

Hazy, Lazy Job Search Days

This writer suggests that you incorporate these headwinds into your daily plan. Understanding that things may slow down, keep your discipline, apply for jobs every day, talk with people, network. And then budget time to also enjoy the summer months, just like everybody else!  Get outside and exercise in the afternoons, enjoy the time you have off. You will find a job at some point…might as well enjoy life in the meantime.

The patience necessary to stay positive and avoid frustration is made easier by modifying your expectations in accordance with the market conditions you are facing.

Job Hunting this Summer?

If you find that your cash burn rate is unacceptably high and prevents you from staying calm and positive, cut your spend as much as possible and look into a part time job; one that allows you the time you need to job hunt.

At a time when feelings of isolation and even a little despair can creep up, it is important to find a way to stay calm and enjoy the time you have off to the best of your ability. That next job opportunity is just another call away…!

Work hard at the job of finding your next job and do your best to enjoy the ride this summer!

*(Notable exceptions apply to those sectors experiencing the most growth or where there are acute shortages of people with the talent, skills, experience or interest in certain types of work, mostly highly skilled labor and technology sectors.)

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