Company Culture

All companies have a culture. Whether the culture was created purposely or not, it is still there. Like a living, breathing organism, it survives in the cubicles, offices, break rooms, and smoke decks of every company. 

What is your company culture? Is it a healthy, open environment where ideas flow freely and new opportunities flourish? Or is it a seething, bitter, bickering environment thriving from the underbelly of the office?

Creating a Culture

So what does culture in the corporate world really mean? Is there such a thing or is it just another buzz phrase? Company culture is most definitely a real thing and as leaders in your business, company, department, or team, it’s something you can control and drive to what you want it to be.

Developing a culture starts with leadership and permeates its way through an organization. As leadership creates the type of workplace environment you are striving for, you should begin recruiting and staffing candidates who fit that type of organization.

Productivity and Workplace

Obviously creating a positive workplace is good for your team’s morale and office dynamics, but remember, there’s still a job to do. You are paying your employees to get the job done and not just enjoy themselves. 

Balancing productivity and creating a happy workplace can be tricky. You need to be sure to strike the right chord so your employees know and understand that when the work needs to be complete, you’ve outlined your expectations of them. Otherwise you may be setting yourself up for failure.

There is definitely a fine-line between keeping employees happy and allowing complete chaos in the office. Be sure you know how to manage the culture you are setting in place.

Contacting Kane Partners

Kane Partners was founded in 2004 and we have decades of experience in recruiting and staffing. Let us help your business and organization grow by recruiting the type of employees you need to flourish. Contact us today at 215-699-5500.  

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