Employers Separating Themselves from the Pack in Recruiting

The Employer – Managing Your Reputation.

In Part 1 of our “Primer” we laid out that the various parties involved in the hiring process (Job-Seeker; Hiring Manager; Human Resources/Legal; Senior Management; Friends and Family) are part of a communal process and that each has responsibilities to ensure that a healthy and happy match is hatched. Part 2 we provided advice to the job-seeker. Part 3 we explored the responsibilities of the Employer. In this final segment, we’ll talk about the Companies role.

Today’s reality is shaped by lower unemployment, millennials, aggressive talent acquisition efforts by the likes of Google and Amazon and requires companies to realize that employment branding is a critical component of talent acquisitions and recruitment. In order to attract and retain the best talent, or specialized skilled talent it’s imperative that companies develop and nurture an impressive brand. Employer Value Proposition (EVP) has become an acknowledged reality in today’s HR and Senior Management world.

How can you, distinguish your firm from the pack?

Look at the reasons why someone should wish to work for your firm and assess how you stack up vis-à-vis the qualities that superior employees are most concerned with.

Career Track

There was a paradigm that if one worked for a large, blue chip firm there was an inherent opportunity. This is no longer universally the case. Large firms are not immune from layoffs and many silo their employees in dead-end jobs. Progressive firms manage and promote the career tracks of their employees. This helps with retention of your staff, promotes satisfaction and good will.

recruiters and the modern recruiting

All Work and No Play

For us old folk, we shake our heads (SMH) at the idea of Foosball, Beer Fridge, Taco Tuesday but these are inexpensive ways to let employees know you care about them. While you’re at it, you can try a Pizza Night, or bowling night as a recruiting event particularly if you’re looking to attract younger, more recent entrants to the market.

Social Media

Many firms understand the impact social media can have on spreading the word or reaching out and marketing or recruiting. Pay attention to your Social Presence. Write blogs about more than your product but ones that showcase your employees in a relationship with the company. Manage your reputation with employees on-line as dearly as you do (or more so) than clients or customers.


Create a positive culture or promote the one you have. Meet with your employees and find out what they like (and what they don’t) about the company. Do serious exit interviews and explore why you’ve lost a key employee. Now create a mission statement with teeth and meaning. Avoid jargons or being too professional and SPEAK to the world about your firm as if you were with them in an informal setting.

Finally – Share

If your great firm is a secret it doesn’t do you any good! Get the word out and encourage your employees to do the same. Facebook and LinkedIn are OK but your staff are your best ambassadors and start with them. Send them to conferences or meet-ups (or sponsor some conferences or meet-ups) where they can proudly shout their praise.

Through the 4 Segments of Care and Feeding we’re reminded that it takes dedication from all the players, Employees, Candidates, Hiring Managers, HR, and the Executive Team to effectively recruit and retain the best talent for your needs. This is an active effort and all players must be effective to achieve a winning scenario.