When you think of a recruiting and staffing agency, you may think of a team full of recruiters who looks through the resumes you receive and sends you a list of candidates to hire, but there’s so much more a recruiter staffing agency can do for your business. Keep reading to learn just how much using headhunters to staff can benefit your business with everything they can do for your company.

They Improve Your Company’s Culture

With the people you hire, you are affecting the culture of your company positively or negatively. Recruiters can look for potential candidates who have the right set of skills and can improve your company’s culture, which can increase your entire team’s productivity. Whichever position you’re looking to fill, a recruiter will find someone who meets the specifications of the role and the characteristics you want to add to your company’s team. A staffing agency won’t just look for required skills anymore, especially with companies looking to improve culture throughout the industry.

They’ll Search for Potential Candidates

Not only will a recruiter staffing agency take a look at all of the resumes you’ve received for your open job positions, but they will also use their networking skills to find people who may not have known you’re hiring. Sometimes, they may even find someone who’s perfect for the job by reaching out. Using social networks such as LinkedIn and Indeed to reach out to those with the right skills, a headhunter can fill your position quickly.

They Take Interviews Off Your Plate

As a business owner, you probably have a packed schedule and you may not have the time to conduct interviews during your busy day. According to the American Staffing Association, 73% of recruiters work full-time jobs to conduct these interviews for you, so you don’t have to worry. Instead of filling your calendar with interviews, you can wait for a list of potential candidates a headhunter hands you whenever you’re ready to hire a new team member.

Now that you know everything a recruiter staffing agency can do for you, you should see how hiring one can positively impact your business. Contact Kane Partners today to learn all about how we can help you grow your company and improve your team’s performance. We can handle all of your hiring needs any time of year.