Considering it takes almost $4,000 and 52 days to fill a position, it is safe to say that hiring new employees is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. And the costs obviously increase exponentially if you end up making a bad hire. 

This is why so many companies are looking to professional staffing agencies as a solution. Hiring a staffing or recruiting agency like Kane Partners gives you greater chances of finding the right candidate on the very first try. 

No matter how small or big your company is, engaging the services of an experienced recruiting agency offers many benefits. For example, if you are a small firm, you probably don’t have a human resources department in-house. This can make finding and securing great hires incredibly challenging. 

And if you are a bigger organization, you can save a lot of time and money by letting a staffing agency tap into the broad networks of job candidates only they know about. In the current hiring environment where skilled talent is hard to find, a well-connected recruitment agency can help you hire the best talent in a short time.

Why Hire a Staffing Agency?

Here’s why you should consider getting in touch with a recruiting agency:

1. They can make the hiring process faster.

In the last few years, the job market has improved significantly which means candidates have more leverage now. It also means that the hiring process today is a lot longer and tougher than it was 10 years ago. 

If you don’t relish the idea of spending weeks reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, turn to a reliable staffing agency. They can pre-screen and qualify candidates to ensure you are only interviewing applicants that are fit for the position.

2. They can help minimize legal risks.

As an employer, you have several legal responsibilities towards your employees, like following labor laws and providing insurance coverage. Hiring new employees comes with many risks, especially if someone unexpectedly leaves or needs to be fired. 

When you hire a recruiting firm, they assume many of these financial and legal liabilities for you. 

3. They can provide skilled temp workers whenever you need them.

A lot of companies are shying away from hiring full-time workers in order to be more productive and budget-savvy. If you’re also one of these organizations that hire workers when they absolutely need them, a staffing agency can help. 

A fluid workforce can also ensure that every dollar you spend is going to help your business. A recruiting agency can help you hire workers that can adapt with your business needs on an ongoing basis. 

How to Find the Right Staffing Agency?

Not all staffing firms are going to be relevant for your business. Make sure the agency you use has a stellar reputation in the industry, and they take pride in their business practices. 

It is important to work with a firm that conducts thorough credential and reference checks on their employees. Don’t hesitate to ask them whether they are carrying the proper insurances or not. Choose someone who at least has a Workers’ Compensation insurance and general liability coverage.

Also, observe how they treat you. Are they willing to sit down with you and find how they can bring value to your business? Or do they only seem interested in closing the contract as soon as possible? 

Find a staffing agency that treats you as a business partner – and not a lead that needs to be closed.

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