Why Philadelphia is a Great Destination For IT Professionals

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Philadelphia – a Leader in the IT Sector

Philadelphia has long been considered to be one of the better destinations for startups and new businesses that are trying to break into the market.

As Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia offers a business-friendly ecosystem, which is ideal for rapid growth and scaling of a business.

More and more startups are establishing and moving their operations to Philly, leading the IT sector in the city to grow at a swift rate.

Philadelphia IT Jobs Market Expected to Grow Further

The four metropolitan divisions in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE Metro Area have their separate employment centers and all of them recorded an increase in employment rates in 2018:

  • The Philly Metro Division gained 20,700 jobs within the last year.
  • The Montgomery County-Bucks County-Chester County Division gained 12,000 jobs.
  • 8,000 jobs were added by the Wilmington Metro Division
  • And 2,500 jobs were gained by the Camden Metro Division

A significant number of these jobs were in the information technology sector. The sector is thriving with high-quality and high-paying job opportunities for IT professionals in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia ranks second, right behind the San Francisco Bay Area, in creating the highest number of tech jobs in the country in the last thirteen years. And Philadelphia does not have the homelessness and poor quality of life issues that San Francisco has.

In 2017, every one in four job openings in Philly was for an IT job, taking the city ahead of New York (12%), Boston (13%), and Washington (21%).

Tech Jobs are the Key to Philly’s Economic Growth

With the rising number of tech startups and businesses in the region, tech jobs have become an important contributor to Philadelphia’s growth. It’s become imperative to make sure that this demand meets the supply.

Charles Eaton, the executive vice president of CompTIA, says that Philadelphia is in a sweet spot right now for job opportunities in IT. (CompTIA is one of the largest trade associations in the IT sector.)

As more baby boomers are expected to retire in the coming years, job shortage in the tech industry is also expected to grow. The gap is particularly for high-skilled IT jobs in areas such as big data, cloud, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

However, Philadelphia’s market has many new and upcoming job opportunities for IT professionals even in the low-tech segments. Many tech company leaders have said that there is a place in IT for everyone. A lot of these tech jobs don’t even require a bachelor’s degree. In fact, one-third of the Philadelphia’s tech workforce never went to college.

Growing IT Startups are Creating High-Paying Jobs

With the expansion of the tech market in Philadelphia, it is an exciting time to be here for IT professionals.

The IT startup market is booming, giving a boost to the region’s economy. Potential employers are looking for candidates with diverse skills in data analysis, business management, and leadership, to name a few.

Candidates looking for an IT job in this market can develop and improve required skills through online learning. A lot of short courses and programs are available online that are ideal for advancing skills in the IT industry.

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