Philadelphia IT Jobs Pushing Forward in 2020

Philadelphia has long been considered one of the better destinations for startups and new businesses. As Pennsylvania’s largest city, it offers a business-friendly ecosystem which is ideal for rapid growth and scaling for small business.

With more startups establishing themselves and moving into the city, Philadelphia has become a leader in the IT sector in growth.

Philadelphia IT Jobs Market Expected to Grow

The four metropolitan division area (clustered as Philadelphia, Camden, Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE Metro) recorded a 1% increase in employment over the previous year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Philadelphia itself gaining 19,100 jobs within the past year, according to BLS.

  • A significant number of jobs in 2018-19 were in the information technology sector.
  • Philadelphia ranked second behind the San Francisco Bay Area in 2018-19 in creating the highest number of tech jobs over the previous fourteen year span.
  • In 2017, one in four job openings in Philadelphia was for an IT job. This rate placed ahead of New York (12%), Boston (13%), and Washington (21%).

Tech Jobs are the Key to Philly’s Economic Growth

With the rising number of startups, tech jobs have become an important contributor to Philadelphia’s growth. 

According to Charles Eaton, executive vice president of CompTIA, Philadelphia is in a sweet spot right now for job opportunities in IT. (CompTIA is one of the largest trade associations in the IT sector.)

With baby boomers reaching retirement age, job shortage in the tech industry is also expected to grow. This is particularly the case for high-skilled IT jobs such as big data, cloud, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

However, Philadelphia’s market has many new and upcoming job opportunities for IT professionals, even in the low-tech segments. Many tech company leaders have said there is a place in IT for everyone. Many of these tech jobs don’t even require a bachelor’s degree. In fact, one-third of the Philadelphia’s tech workforce never went to college.

Growing IT Startups are Creating High-Paying Jobs

With the expansion of the tech market in Philadelphia, it is an exciting time to be here for IT professionals.

The IT startup market is booming, giving a boost to the region’s economy. Potential employers are looking for candidates with diverse skills in data analysis, business management, and leadership.

Candidates looking for an IT job in this market can develop and improve required skills through online learning. A lot of short courses and programs are available online that are ideal for advancing skills in the IT industry.