As a hiring manager or department head, you might not know about the attributes of the best IT candidates. Luckily, IT headhunters do. With more than 73% of job seekers only passively looking for a job today, according to Small Biz Genius, it can be next to impossible for hiring managers to find quality candidates on their own. When you hire headhunters for IT staffing solutions, they have the resources and connections needed to reach these passive job searchers. Here are the attributes IT headhunters look for in IT candidates.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate with others effectively is one of the most desirable qualities for any IT position. This quality is especially true if your company’s structure operates as teams. For example, if you have an IT team where quality communication is needed to succeed and meet deadlines, then you don’t want to hire a candidate that doesn’t showcase their communication skills, and IT headhunters know this.

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills refer to the ability to recognize problems, define issues, and determine possible solutions. With thousands of issues that could come up in an IT position, finding quality candidates who possess analytical skills with the help of IT headhunters will prove invaluable.


Companies change over time, and as your company does, you want employees that will expand and change with you. No one wants to hire new employees just to have a high turnover as they grow. Luckily, adaptability is one of the most important attributes IT headhunters look for in candidates.


Initiative is an attribute you may not have thought of before. Think of it this way, do you want to have to constantly micromanage and prod your employees? Most managers, department heads, and owners do not. Luckily, initiative is a top quality IT headhunters look for. Candidates that show initiative will know when to take action without being prodded by management.

You know you want high-quality candidates, but you probably haven’t given much thought to the attributes you should look for in IT candidates. Luckily, recruiting and staffing agencies are experts when it comes to finding you the quality candidates you need. Give us a call today at Kane Partners to start your search for IT candidates.