The pandemic affected the U.S. workforce in more ways than you could imagine. One of the major changes to come out of the pandemic is what candidates expect from their careers. As a hiring manager or business owner, you need to be aware of these expectations to help the best staffing agencies find and motivate candidates to choose your company. Here are some expectations today’s candidates have that the best staffing agencies have noticed.


Flexibility is perhaps the most common expectation the best staffing agencies see from candidates today. In fact, according to FlexJobs, 65% of candidates are looking for remote work options and 31% want hybrid work options. Because of this, offering flexibility for your new positions will increase the candidate pool that the best staffing agencies will sort through. Ensure your remote work policies are clear to your recruiting and staffing agency throughout the recruitment process so flexibility can be used as a major selling point for your company.


Today’s candidates don’t want to waste their time. For this reason, being clear and upfront about what candidates going through your recruitment process can expect is vitally important. They will want to know things like how long your interview process is and how much time is between each interview. They also expect transparency when it comes to compensation and benefits. Sharing these details with your recruiting agency will help them tremendously in motivating the best candidates to interview with you.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is bigger than ever. According to Capterra, companies with an ethnically diverse workforce outcompete other companies by 35% when it comes to earnings in their industry, and this is something job seekers are aware of. When our headhunters search for candidates for your company, being able to explain your company’s focus on DEI is critical and will help you to get the best candidates for your position.

The world is constantly changing, and your company needs to keep up to ensure you can recruit the best candidates for your position. By taking a focus on flexibility, transparency, and DEI, and sharing the details with your staffing agency recruiter, the best candidates can be motivated to make the switch to your company. To learn more about what today’s candidates expect, give us a call today at Kane Partners.