In-Demand IT Jobs in 2019

As the information technology sector gears up for a new year full of exciting possibilities and challenges, there is plenty of good news in store for experienced IT professionals as well as freshly minted techies who are looking to join the workforce this year.

IT Sector in 2019

Reports show that approximately 29% of organizations are planning to recruit more IT staff in 2019. The demand for IT professions is higher in large enterprises compared to small organizations.

  • Large organizations are likely to hire people who specialize in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, networking solutions, and cloud architecture.
  • Mid-sized organizations are likely to hire people with DevOps skills.
  • Small organizations are more likely to hire people who specialize in IT infrastructure and end-user hardware.

Which IT Jobs Are in Demand in 2019?

The most in-demand jobs in the IT sector are currently in the fields of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. A large number of organizations are in need of professionals with a background in these fields.

Artificial Intelligence

Many experts predict that artificial intelligence will be truly mainstreamed in 2019. Apart from automating repetitive manual tasks, AI is expected to be adopted by a wide range of businesses in an effort to simplify and improve every sphere of human life.

For example, manufacturers can use predictive technology to determine the extent of stress a machine can be put under and its maximum operating capability and efficiency.

AI can be used to analyze consumer activity to identify the factors that trigger people to buy things, analyze agricultural data to come up with more efficient farming solutions, analyze marketing and sales data to figure out which strategies work and which ones do not, and many, many more.

Since AI is likely to be adopted by every sector – from finance to food – in some form, the demand for professionals who specialize in developing and deploying AI solutions is likely to increase significantly in the coming days.


Last year, AT&T Business conducted a survey on cybersecurity, in which 250 top IT leaders participated. Among the participants, 57% stated that they were not confident about the cybersecurity risk management solutions they have implemented in their organizations.

It goes to show that there is a need for organizations of all sizes to improve their cybersecurity infrastructure and safeguard their data. Apart from adding layers of security to existing systems, there is also the possibility of combining cybersecurity with Internet of Things and build systems that are ‘secure by design’.

Some companies are also toying with the idea of creating a new position called CCO (chief cybercrime officer), who will be responsible for maintaining the safety and integrity of the company’s IT infrastructure and data.

AI and Cybersecurity – Most In-Demand Careers in 2019

With the world we live in becoming more and more dependent on technology, there has never been a better time to be an IT professional.

Particularly, if you are someone who has a background in cybersecurity or artificial intelligence, you can definitely expect to land a position that offers a generous compensation package. It will also give you an opportunity to apply your knowledge to solve the problems faced by industries across the board.