Matching a Top Recruiter for your Organization

Your engineering, IT, or manufacturing organization has an opening and is looking for top talent.  A good recruiter will have no problem making the perfect match. Here are some traits we have found that great recruiters have in common:  

Passion and Positivity 

It takes drive and motivation to find top talent for clients, which calls for a passion about the industry and a positive attitude.  Whether it’s an engineering, manufacturing, or IT recruiter, he/she is on top of the job market, knows the ins and outs of the organization where the job is posted, understands where to find the best person for the position, and is excited to get to know the candidates and make that match.  

Good Communication Skills

It’s hard to make a good match when communication skills are lacking. A good recruiter listens intently to the client’s needs in order to find a good fit. The best recruiters have excellent verbal and written communication skills which allows them to successfully relay the details of a job opening to a job seeker and vouch on a job seeker’s behalf on why he/she should be a choice candidate.  The recruiter also uses these skills to negotiate deals that will satisfy both parties. 

Time Management and Organizational Skills

Recruiters will have many projects going on at once. With job openings at multiple organizations and relationships with many job seekers, the recruiter will need to balance it all. The best recruiters can sense urgency, prioritize well, stay organized and meet all deadlines.  

Patience and Persistence

It’s quite unlikely a recruiter will get that top candidate on the first try.  Good recruiters are not afraid to follow up until they get the candidates they want, but also don’t come across as too pushy. On the other hand, good recruiters also practice patience as in this field interviews are often re-scheduled and decision-making and negotiations can take longer than expected.  

Relationship Builder and Motivator

It’s in the recruiter’s best interest to build and sustain relationships in order to keep getting business as well as referrals. Top recruiters usually have a genuine interest in the people they work with on both the organization and job seeker sides. Sometimes the job seeker has all the necessary skills but lacks confidence. Top recruiters will prep these candidates for the interview and cheer them on behind the scenes. Having these attributes makes the recruiter a valuable resource for both sides.   


At Kane Partners LLC, we look for all of these traits when hiring our recruiters in order to find the best talent for your team. We are a Philadelphia based full service staffing firm concentrating on IT, engineering and manufacturing. Please contact us today with your organization’s staffing needs.