If you’re a hiring manager looking to fill vacant Java programmer positions, it may feel like a difficult task. Java continues to be one of the most-used computer programming languages throughout the world, but finding qualified individuals can be a challenge.

When you hire an IT headhunter at a top staffing agency, they’ll be able to find individuals to fill Java programmer jobs at your company. Here are some of the top qualifications IT headhunters look for in Java programmer jobs.

Expertise In Java Programming and Database Management

Java programmer jobs involve writing, designing, and testing Java-based applications, so this might seem like an obvious qualification. However, it’s important to distinguish the type of programmer you need. If your company uses Java applications, you don’t want to hire someone with little to no experience in using them. An excellent IT headhunter will ensure they find a programmer that is specifically an expert in Java applications and how to properly manage them.

Experience Developing Web Applications

Java programmer jobs also demand experience in developing web applications (apps). Alongside others in their web development team, Java programmers write code, analyze user requirements, resolve technical problems, and conduct tests to ensure app designs meet compliance standards. With these job responsibilities in mind, your next Java programmer must have experience with each of these important tasks.

A Four-Year Degree and IT Certification

Those who secure Java programmer jobs more than likely hold four-year degrees from accredited universities. Java programmers often study computer engineering, computer programming, information technology, or a similar subject. A qualified individual may also hold an IT certification with a focus on Java applications.

Excellent Communicator

Java programmers often work alongside software engineers and web developers among other IT professionals. Since working in IT requires frequent collaboration, your company needs a Java programmer that can efficiently communicate with their peers on a regular basis. This way, projects deadlines can be met consistently. Good communication skills in a programmer also mean they need minimal supervision, which is a plus for hard-working companies like yours.

Since unemployment rates have soared from 3.5% to 11.1% since March 2020, there are likely several candidates that our top recruiting and staffing agency can seek for your business. So, if your company is in need of qualified individuals to fill Java programmer jobs, Kane Partners has you covered. Contact us today!