Whether you are a freshly minted college graduate or a professional who is looking to change careers, it is important for you to be aware of the skills that are highly valued by employers in 2020. By learning these skills, you can get a leg up on the competition and increase your chances of getting hired by the best employers in the industry today. 

Five Hard Skills You Will Need in 2020 and Beyond

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Data shows that eight out of ten Americans use products or services that incorporate elements of artificial intelligence – from navigation apps to ride sharing apps, streaming media services, and smart home devices. 

The number is expected to increase significantly in the coming days, which means there is going to be a great demand for people who know their way around machine learning, natural language processing, and other such aspects of artificial intelligence. 

  1. User Experience

Studies show that there has been a gradual but noticeable reduction in the average attention span of consumers over the years. So, an increasingly large number of companies are hiring user experience and usability experts to make their products customer-centric, intuitive, and engaging. 

  1. Cloud Computing

Many businesses these days are entirely dependent on cloud computing solutions providers for their day-to-day operations. The transition from in-house IT infrastructure to cloud-based rented IT infrastructure is happening at a lightning fast pace, as a result of which there is a great demand for highly skilled and trained professionals in the cloud computing space today. 

A certification from Amazon, Microsoft, or Google – the top three cloud computing solutions providers in the world today – can tremendously improve your employment prospects in the industry. 

  1. Cybersecurity

Virtually every business – irrespective of its size – collects data from consumers for various purposes these days. So, there is a growing need for cyber security professionals who can safeguard data against cyber attacks. Depending on your skillset and training, you can become a cryptographer, security auditor, security consultant, security systems architect, or a security administrator. 

  1. Data Science

We live in the age of big data. The demand for experts who can mine, analyze, and interpret large volumes of data is greater than ever before. Being a multidisciplinary field, data science offers a wide array of employment opportunities including data mining engineer, data architect, data scientist, and business intelligence analyst.


Five Soft Skills You Will Need in 2020 and Beyond

  1. Critical Thinking 

It is the ability to think things through, assess problems and find solutions using logic and reasoning, and make informed decisions without letting your in-built biases cloud your judgment. 

  1. Adaptability

It is the ability to adapt to different situations and the willingness to embrace change with an open mind and a positive attitude.

  1. Collaboration and Coordination 

It is the ability to collaborate and coordinate with other people, play off of each other’s strengths, and work towards a common goal as part of a high-functioning team.

  1. Persuasion

It is the ability to sell a concept, product, or service to a target consumer base. 

  1. Cognitive Flexibility

It is the ability to learn new things, unlearn old and outdated things, step out of the comfort zone as and when needed, and develop new interests.

The aforementioned hard and soft skills can improve your employability and help you become an indispensable asset for your employer. So, invest your time to learn and master the skills mentioned above and get ahead in your career.