With every new generation comes learning different strategies for finding the best hires for your business. Whether your company is in the information technology, manufacturing, or engineering industry, you need to find ways to attract new qualified workers to your business. Fortunately, this process starts with hiring a reputable staffing agency.

The best staffing agencies are up-to-date on the top strategies for hiring within the modern workforce. Below is an outline of these selection strategies that’ll get your business new hires in no time.

Utilize Networking Platforms

Nowadays, modern workers are looking for jobs through the internet, particularly using networking platforms. Young and savvy workers enjoy using these platforms because they allow them to get an overview of companies that are hiring, message other professionals in their industry, and get an idea of what companies are reputable and trustworthy to work for. This is why top staffing agencies utilize a variety of networking platforms to seek potential hires; they understand that using them can attract modern workers who seek media-savvy, with-the-times companies.

Essentially, these platforms allow hiring managers to:

  • Open the door to engagement with a variety of professionals with different talents and educational backgrounds
  • Seek higher quality candidates, as you can see employment and educational histories up-front
  • Enhance job visibility
  • Directly message potential candidates
  • Expand their reach

LinkedIn is a popular social network for business and career professionals; in fact, it has over 500 million members scattered around the world! However, this isn’t the only networking platform available to the best staffing agencies. Other professional networking platforms outlined by Search Engine Journal as top alternatives to LinkedIn include Meetup, Xing, Bark, Opportunity, Jobcase, LunchMeet, Community Forums, Twitter, Reddit, Slack, Facebook Groups, Sumry, and Gust. When you entrust a staffing agency to find excellent hires for your business, they will use the best platforms to find you the best quality candidates.

Ask Interesting Questions In Interviews

Young, career-minded workers are looking for jobs that will help them grow professionally. This is why you must center interview questions around work culture, professional ambitions, and long-term goals. Staffing agencies that ask thoughtful questions will prompt thoughtful responses, which will get job candidates thinking creatively.

Here are some unique interview questions that align with the modern recruiting landscape:

  • What has been your most rewarding work experience and why?
  • What is your approach to success?
  • What values do you look for in a company and work environment?
  • How do you achieve a work/life balance?
  • What types of events do you attend outside of work?
  • Can you describe a situation where teamwork achieved success?
  • Can you tell us about a time you used data to make a decision?
  • Can you tell us about a professional who inspires you? Or a company that inspires you?
  • What makes you happiest when working with a team?
  • What about this position intrigues you? Where do you see yourself or what do you see yourself doing in the next five years? The next 10 years?
  • Why do you want to work for this company and in this industry?

By asking these questions, staffing agencies will be able to determine a few things. First, they’ll be able to identify whether a candidate will work well with other people. Second, they’ll see if a candidate holds the same values as the company they want to work for. An agency will also be able to determine whether the candidate will fit into the company culture and even enhance it. Third, they’ll be able to identify the candidate’s professional goals and ambitions. Finally, it’s important to understand a bit about the candidate’s personal ambitions. An agency that asks questions that probe interesting conversation will be able to determine what unique qualities a candidate holds and whether they’ll be a good fit for the position in need of filling.

Be Personable

In today’s modern workforce, it’s key to be personal during the selection process. Young workers do not want to work for companies that don’t care about them. This is why it’s important to ask questions during the interview process that show employees that their personal interests, unique ideas, and professional growth are incredibly important to the company that seeks to hire them. To demonstrate a personable attitude, staffing agencies should:

  • Focus on the candidate behind the paper
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Ask the candidate to teach something
  • Describe the workplace’s culture
  • Ask about the candidate’s personal interests
  • Ask the candidate to share stories
  • Adjust to the candidate’s personality type

Talk About Workplace Culture

The modern workforce is determined to work for companies that prioritize culture, which is essentially how things are done in a workplace. Staffing agencies should discuss company culture during interviews and should especially go into detail if a candidate asks about it.

According to Great Place to Work, some of the most important variables that make up a company’s organizational culture are the following:

  • Employees regularly communicate with each other
  • Employees celebrate each other and their work
  • Employees are recognized for their achievements
  • Decisions are made promptly and fairly

During interviews, it’s important for a recruiting and staffing agency to share stories about the workplace and provide insight as to how the business is run. Candidates will be impressed when they hear positive anecdotes about happy workers who feel appreciated at work.

Connect With Colleges

Many companies are looking for qualified candidates to fill entry-level positions that offer opportunities for professional growth. Luckily, respected colleges and universities throughout the country are crawling with students who are seeking employment following graduation. Many of these students have completed internships and held various jobs all while obtaining their degrees. To fill entry-level positions that are ideal for young 20-somethings, staffing agencies should connect with colleges.

A staffing agency can easily get in touch with departments in colleges that focus on helping students find internships and jobs post-graduation. These career centers within universities will send emails and newsletters to students as well as post about job opportunities on the college’s social media. By partnering with universities throughout the country, companies will be able to find ideal post-graduate candidates who may be willing to relocate after college. Since recent college grads are looking for positions that will help them get their career started, they’ll be happy to work for a company that is actively seeking them, too.

Use Social Media

In today’s day and age, social media helps businesses of all kinds reach new customers. It also helps connect potential job candidates to vacant positions. This is why the best staffing agencies will use social media platforms to draw in quality candidates.

Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular platforms to post about excellent companies that are seeking qualified candidates will draw in more applicants than you think. Social media users will see these posts, share them, and even send them to friends and family who may qualify as well. Using social media allows for a broader reach that can’t be compared to other job posting platforms.

If your company is looking for qualified applicants for a variety of positions, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Thankfully, staffing agencies have the ability to help businesses across the country hire workers in the modern recruiting landscape. By utilizing networking and social media platforms, getting creative during the interview process, and connecting with colleges that have a plethora of excited job candidates, the best staffing agencies will have a leg up when it comes to hiring savvy workers in today’s modern workforce.