Need Help with your Resume?

Consider These Four Tips

Add a Targeted Profile/Summary in 3rd Person

resume tips

Starting your resume with a 3-5 sentence paragraph that highlights and summarizes your experience is a great way to pull in the reader. Use 3rd person and keep the information fact based, not just listing you are a ‘dedicated hard worker.’

Use Relevant Keywords and Action Verbs (Bullet Format)

Each job description calls for certain skills and the ability to hold/perform certain job responsibilities and duties. Using keywords with action verbs in your resume is often the best way to show that you have the experience they need. Bullets should start with the action verb followed by the explanation. Do not use “I” or list “responsible for” at each bullet, just start with the verb.

Define Key Accomplishments by Quantifying or Qualifying

Listing your keywords is not enough; you have to provide substance. What that means is you cannot expect results by putting only your job description. Instead, add what impact you had on the company while doing your job. Some possible examples: on-time projects, cost savings, improving process or team building. Another option would be giving numbers, like the size of your budget or the type of team you managed. By providing these details the company can see that you are a contributing employee and someone that can add value to their team.

Customize Each Resume to Align with Each Job

When applying to a job it is important your resume sells them on the fact you can do the job! It is almost impossible to have only one resume to be effective for all open positions. With that in mind, BEFORE you apply, look for what they want and compare that to your resume. Are they aligning? If not, (and you do have the experience) make sure it is clear that you CAN do the job. You have one shot to make an impression, sending a canned resume will not make an impression!