While mechanical engineers can look good on paper based on where they earned their engineering degree and where they completed an internship, finding a quality candidate entails much more. A mechanical engineering headhunter will look for the following qualities in mechanical engineering candidates.

Problem-Solving Skills

First, mechanical engineering headhunters look for candidates with excellent problem-solving skills. This type of engineer is tasked with analyzing problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices can possibly help solve an issue. Because of this, mechanical engineers must be able to think critically and problem solve on their own as well as within a group of engineers. A top staffing agency will gauge questions that will determine whether a candidate has exceptional problem-solving skills.

Communication Skills

When it comes to working in a setting that employs several engineers, communication skills are critical. Upon an interview with a candidate, a mechanical engineering headhunter will be able to tell whether they have satisfactory communication skills.

This not only matters when it comes to speaking with superiors; it’s also a key skill to have when performing the job itself. Developing, testing, and analyzing designs, devices, and systems often happen in group settings so that engineers can bounce ideas back and forth to determine the best solution to the problem at hand. Without sufficient communication skills, a mechanical engineering candidate won’t land a job.


Mechanical engineering is a broad engineering field in that these professionals can work in a variety of settings. No matter what setting they work in, though, being creative is an important skill to have. Having the ability to work with other engineers as well as on the computer to come up with unique ideas and solutions is a quality that will make a mechanical engineering candidate stand out!

Did you know that two-thirds of millennial employees planned to leave their current position for a new job by 2020, which likely means more positions will be open in 2022 and beyond? Therefore, if your company is in need of mechanical engineering recruiting, you’re likely to find some excellent candidates with the help of a top staffing agency service. A mechanical engineering headhunter knows the best ways to seek out qualified and skilled mechanical engineers that will help your business thrive. To learn more, contact Kane Partners today.