Positions Growing in Today’s Economy

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Positions Growing in Today’s Economy, says IT Staffing Firm in Philadelphia

The IT field has been growing steadily for a good part of the last decade. In fact, in 2010 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that new jobs in computer-related occupations would grow by 762,700 between 2008 and 2018. That is more than twice the average growth rate for all other occupations in the economy. With that, comes an increase in the need for qualified IT talent to fill these positions. In addition companies in manufacturing, healthcare and financial services will increase their staffing requirements as the result of two factors: emerging new technologies and compliance with government regulations.

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To help fill these positions, many companies will choose to utilize staffing firms. An IT staffing firm in Philadelphia – Delaware Valley can help a business fill technology, new media, and IT positions quickly and easily. One major advantage of utilizing an IT staffing firm in Philadelphia is they are able to provide companies with extra sets of hands to handle big projects or when a company experiences a new surge in business. Many companies are reluctant to commit to hiring full-time staff when the increased workload is temporary. For these companies, the safe solution is to utilize staffing firms that can provide temporary employees that possess the skills and acumen to handle the short-term influx of work.

Although the economy has been stagnant across many industries and has affected many professions there has been a consistent demand for talented IT professionals in a few select technical areas. Companies faced with identifying, qualifying and hiring the “right” IT professional for these open positions can be challenging. Relying totally on their own interviewing process has proven to be inefficient and lacking. For these purposes, IT staffing firms in Philadelphia – Delaware Valley can provide these companies with the talent they seek allowing them to “ try before they buy”. This solution diminishes the time and inefficiency of the interview process and gives the employing company a chance to try out an employee before they make an offer of permanent, full-time employment.

With new positions opening up nearly every day in information technology: new media, business intelligence, virtualization, and mobile apps, finding new talent is essential to a business’ success. An IT staffing firm in Philadelphia – Delaware Valley is there to help find the right and best talent for those business’s needs.

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