We don’t have to tell you the power of Workday HCM. 

This ERP software tool connects finance, human resource and technology data with predictive analytics and machine learning. The possibilities of integrations seem endless. This software is transforming how corporations are using data, especially right here in the Philadelphia region. 

Kane Partners, also based in the Philadelphia region, specializes in direct placement of talented IT professionals across the country, but now it’s all about hometown placements. They are connecting with and talking to the best and brightest Workday specialists, integration gurus and functional leads.  

Here is the story of what’s happening…

The location is Philadelphia. The focus is on Workday.

To make Workday HCM really work for an organization you need to have a clear understanding and vision on what you want to achieve. Each project is carefully designed, implemented and supported. 

Most professionals fall into the category of Workday Consultants. They are on the road daily or weekly with multiple clients and projects happening at once. For those that want the ‘on the road’ lifestyle – it’s great! 

For those that prefer to stay in one place… Kane is looking to connect with Workday Leads and Implementation Specialists that have roots in Philadelphia or want to relocate to Philadelphia. 

One of their clients has over 100+ Workday integrations and that number continues to grow. This company is rooted in data, numbers, customer experience and ongoing improvements. The power of Workday integrations fuels many of their successes. They want the best!

Just like the software, so goes the product – it learns, it improves – they learn, they improve. 

If you are a Workday Guru, then you want to connect with a Kane team member. See what’s out there for today or in the future. 

Be connected and stay connected and you never know Kane Partners may just change your life. 

Explore two active Workday jobs now.