Are you the Next Inventor on our List?

We are IT recruiters, which means we have been known to self-identify as geeky or nerdy from time to time.  But don’t tell anyone, we wouldn’t want to compromise our reputation.

As tech recruiters we get excited about things like National Inventor Month because innovation is our job and finding top talent to lead the way.

Let’s take a moment and realize how truly cool inventors are,’s definition of an inventor is one who devises some new process, appliance, machine, or article; one who makes inventions.

Simply put a person who has an idea for something that doesn’t exist and makes it exist is an inventor. Talk about brilliant!

Below are our 3 favorite inventors of yesterday yes, it took us a while to narrow it down to just 3!

favorite inventors

1) Johannes Gutenberg – 1450

Let’s start with the oldest of the bunch.  One of the inventors of yesterday that you probably heard about growing up was Johannes Gutenberg. Gutenberg was a German inventor who experimented with a lot of different inventions and trades during his lifetime but it most remembered for introducing a moveable type printing press to Europe and forever changing the process of publishing for human history.

Up until this point most copies of works were copied by hand, a painstaking practice that was prone to mistakes.  What Gutenberg started sparked a love for books and the written word that has continued to this very day.

Granted we produce books a bit differently today with the rise of e-readers, but think how different resumes would be if the printing press hadn’t been invented!

2) Alexander Graham Bell – 1876

Almost everyone grows up learning about Alexander Graham Bell and how he “invented” the telephone.  The truth of the matter is that there were several different people working on a way to transmit the human voice, and Bell was simply the first to get it to work.  There is much debate throughout history about whether or not Bell stole some of the technology that finally got his invention to work, but nonetheless he is remembered as the first person to invent the telephone.

We use our smart phones every single day, for much more than just talking to each other.  Think about how different life would be without your phone, think about how different it was just 10 years ago when phones were still only really used to talk to people.

As recruiters we make 100’s of calls a day so we really understand the importance of the telephone and the power of talking to someone.  That wouldn’t be possible without Bell’s invention!

3) The Wright Brothers – 1903


Orville and Wilbur Wright are two of the most famous inventors in American histor.  And while there were a lot of people who contributed to the science of an aircraft and flying, The Wright Brothers were the first to make an airplane fly successfully! They were the first people in history to get to look down on the world from above (again how cool is that!?)

At the time what they accomplished was truly groundbreaking, but now we are surrounded by airplanes and vehicles that can fly, so much so that it has become common place and we don’t tend to recognize it for the huge accomplishment that it really is.

Just think without The Wright Brothers, vacations to the beach, the mountains, and other countries would not be nearly as simple!  Now you can make a quick trip across the pond to England in just a few hours, not days or weeks that it would take you in a boat, and with significantly less perils.

Clearly these 3 inventors are from the past, but without their huge contributions to the world, many of today’s modern inventions would not be possible.

Do you have a favorite inventor?  If so, let us know in the comments below.