Staffing manufacturing has become difficult as having a college education becomes the more popular professional route. Staffing agency services have more trouble finding qualified candidates now that they all have to compete for skilled talent. Retaining talent once hired is another challenge in the manufacturing industry that only grows as the world expands. How can you address this?

Find a Staffing System that Works for You

This sometimes means leaving staffing to manufacturing recruiters, but even if the first step is outsourced, it can still be efficient. Make sure you are finding the right manufacturing recruiting firms for your company. Look at their history, the length of time their candidates stay, and other quantifiable factors to make sure they find the right staff.

Understand that hiring does not stop when the letter is signed. Onboarding in manufacturing is an important system that can raise your retention rates. There is near-insurmountable competition in the workforce. A staggering 47% of candidates turn down offers because they have been offered positions elsewhere. Take this into consideration as you go through multitudes of candidates brought by your manufacturing recruiter. Plan how long it will take to find the candidate and make them a part of your company!

Brand Yourself

Older companies can get stuck in the same staffing cycle that worked for them in the past. Using social media platforms to promote your brand cannot go overlooked! Make sure staffing agency services understand your brand and can market it to candidates exactly as you want.

Share what the position will be like. This is not to say you should share manufacturing secrets, but be creative with your marketing. Allowing future employees to see what they will be doing on a day-to-day basis will make sure you are hiring people that want to work for you. Willingness and desire to work are great, but having employees who are passionate about your company is unparalleled.

Don’t Forget What Works

When you finally have a hiring process that works for you, don’t let it fade away. Find the metrics that made it work and stick to those. Identify which positions take longer to fill, which positions have the most turnover, and address those issues. Generalized staffing solutions may not work for all the positions at your company.

Work with a trustworthy manufacturing recruiter like Kane Partners to get creative about hiring. Being proactive about your hiring practices will reflect well on the company for those you are looking to hire.