Strong and Steady Progressions for Manufacturing and Engineering Jobs


According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, overall manufacturing work increased in the region during the month of August. Modest growth is suggested as general activity holds fairly even across the board. As compared to the previous month, many firms reported an increase in shipments and new orders which suggests steady conditions and employment. Over the next six months, it is predicted that the manufacturing sector will continue to grow based on data indicators on future activity.

Many firms in the area have reported only slight growth but steady conditions in the regional employment market, with more reporting an increase in employees than those reporting a decrease. Also, firms that reported a lengthier workweek were also greater in percentage than those that reported  a shorter workweek.

Overall, the Manufacturing and Business Outlook Survey indicates that the region’s manufacturing sector reported a modest level of expansion. All indications are that general activity and new orders/shipments remain positive, and many firms reported a slight increase in employment for August.

A majority of companies also reported that product prices have remained steady, although more firms reported price decreases than price increases. At this time, all indications for the next six months suggest continued employment growth.

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IT jobs have been steadily approaching the five million mark as we approach September 2015. From about July 2014 until now, IT employment overall has added about 193,000 workers which represents a growth of 4.1%. Job growth for engineering specifically has been somewhat modest, adding about 15,000 workers since July 2014. It is thought that as IT growth continues to grow steadily, we will reach the five million mark before the end of 2015. Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance stated that “while IT employment remains a bright spot, engineering employment growth remains modest.”

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