3 Advantages of Hiring Kane Partners

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The Right Recruiter for your Organization

Technology is ingrained in our lives. It is used across the board not only in our personal but in our professional lives with computer software, hardware and devices. In order to bring this highly sophisticated equipment to market many companies are turning to IT recruiting firms to find the right engineer for the job.

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The Human Resource Dilemma

One of the main problems that human resource managers face is understanding the role of the engineer, since the majority of human resource personnel have degrees outside of technology. When reviewing resumes and speaking to candidates this puts them at a disadvantage in choosing the best candidate. We can bridge the gap by understanding the role of the engineer. A firm that specializes in IT will likely provide quality due to their knowledge of job roles within the industry. Complementing human resource recruiting will allow human resources to focus their efforts toward advocacy and company culture.

Lower Costs

Kane Partners can also lessen the overall costs for the hiring company. This allows the business to focus on salary and the overall package offering and allow the recruiting firm to worry about everything else. You can opt to hire an our agency on an as needed basis in a contingency agreement or retain their services upfront.

Less Time with Onboarding

When you hire a technology professional through our services they will be well vetted and have the necessary education and experience in order to hit the ground running.

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