If you’re looking to fill full-time, high-level, executive jobs, a staffing agency can help you obtain skilled workers that will meet your company’s needs. However, you must keep in mind that a proper agency will exhibit a few important qualities. Here are a few to look out for so you can hire a staffing agency that will place highly qualified individuals within your company.

Relationship Builder

Recruiters at staffing agencies must have the ability to create meaningful and professional relationships with companies as well as highly qualified workers. When you hire a staffing agency that is skillful in building relationships, networking, and marketing your company as an excellent place to work, you’re more likely to fill vacant positions with individuals who deserve them.

Excellent Communicator

Communication is key in all aspects of a business. This is why you must hire a staffing agency that communicates diligently with your company as well as the individuals they seek to hire. When highly qualified workers are impressed by the recruiter you hire, they’ll be drawn to your company, allowing more jobs to be filled with competent individuals.

Knowledge Of Your Field

Whether your company is in the information technology, manufacturing, engineering, or food and beverage industries, the recruiter staffing agency you hire to fill vacant positions must have knowledge of your field. While they don’t need to be experts, having relevant background knowledge is key for drawing high-level individuals who are seeking positions in reputable companies like yours.


The best staffing agencies utilize recruiting algorithms, which can increase the chances of hiring productive, competent employees by 50%. Because of this, you need to find a top recruiting and staffing agency that has years of experience and the proper technology to recruit highly skilled and qualified individuals for companies in all industries.

Superb Reputation

In the business world, reputation will always be a key factor in drawing new customers and making sales. However, reputation is also important in another phase of business: recruiting. People looking for high-level, executive jobs don’t want to be sought after by a recruiting firm without credibility or a solid reputation. This is why you need to hire a staffing agency with a stellar reputation, as they’ll be able to find you solid job candidates that are interested in your company.

Recruiting is a task that a top staffing agency can easily handle for your company. As you search for a recruiting firm, look for these five important qualities so you can fill vacant positions in your company with highly skilled and competent workers. To learn more, contact Kane Partners today.