As a business owner, you may have a growing company and you can’t fully be in charge of all of the hiring needs. You may be creating a brand new position that you need to start the hiring process for or you are wanting to expand on the number of employees for various positions. Either way, hiring food and beverage recruiters who can take over your entire hiring process can help you focus on other parts of your business. But, how can you choose between the best staffing agencies in Philadelphia for you and your recruiting needs? Let’s find out!

Ensure They Are Experienced

When you are hiring a recruiter to help you bring new employees to your company, you should make sure they are experienced. Experienced food and beverage recruiters have the skills and knowledge of how to hire great employees for companies. If they’ve been doing this for a few years, they may have more connections and networking tactics they use to find the best potential candidates. This ensures that they won’t waste your time or money by hiring the wrong employee. You can ensure they have the experience of carefully choosing the right candidates for your company.


When you are hiring food and beverage recruiters, make sure that you both clarify what you want communication to look like. You don’t want them to not communicate new details with you, but you also might not want them to communicate with you about every small update. According to the American Staffing Association, 73% of staffing employees work full time when compared to the overall workforce of 74%. It’s important that you figure out when they will be working and find a recruiter who is easy to contact if you have any changes in your industry or the hiring process. You should hire a recruiter who makes sure they understand your hiring needs and have knowledge of your industry. As we’ve mentioned before, experience is key when it comes to filling this position, so you need to make sure they meet these criteria.

Do Your Research

Whenever you are hiring anybody to join your company, it’s important that you do your research! When you are searching for potential recruiters, you should determine what kind of staffing firm you want to work with and if you want them to be industry-specific or just a general recruiter. These are both very important factors to consider and can help you find the right recruiter for your business.

Hiring a recruiter can lift some weight off your shoulders and can help you focus on other parts of your business, like your financials or production. Reach out to us and see how we could be the right recruiting and staffing agency for your business today!