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If your search for a reliable engineering staffing team has led you to Kane Partners, we’d like you to consider the many ways they are able to help corporations, just like yours. Companies with open positions they are unable to fill spend valuable resources trying to find the right talent. If that sounds like a familiar scene, take a closer look at Kane Partners’ services.

It’s a fact- you can’t simply fill your engineering position with a generic body. You’ll need the right kind of talent and the right match in personality to meet your needs. Kane Partners provides professional engineering staffing services that are designed to quickly locate the perfect match, and since their service is contingency-based, you won’t pay a fee unless you decide to hire.

All successful companies understand the need for permanent placement solutions that are reliable and timely. Why not build a lasting relationship with an agency that is able to respond quickly to fill a vacancy within your company when you need them to? You’ll find Kane Partners uniquely qualified to meet your needs at a moment’s notice, drawing from a large network of candidates, companies and industries to locate talent when it’s needed.

Stop wasting time and contact the engineering staffing firm that gets results. Your consultation with Kane Partners will start the process and provide their team with the knowledge and understanding of what you’re looking for that is crucial to the screening process. Once they ascertain the qualifications desired in a candidate, your company’s values its current needs, they’ll go to work seeking out the ideal placement for your open position.

Unlike other engineering staffing firms, Kane Partners is with you from start to finish, never stepping away for a moment to take their eyes off of your goals. They know that the screening process is one of the most important when it comes to matching your company with a candidate, which is why they perform an in-depth search into a candidate’s work history and background before deciding to present them to your firm.

After a prospective candidate is located, Kane partners will work closely with the prospect to prepare them for the interview with your company. The interview is one of the most important steps in the process of locating the right talent for your agency. You’ll have the option of attending the interview via phone, video conference, onsite or in person- or a combination thereof. It’s essential that you let your team know if you have any reservations about the prospect they have chosen.

Once all parties are satisfied with the match, the candidate will be assisted with resigning from their current position and integrating into their new role with your company. You and your employee can both look forward to a long-standing relationship that is founded on successful principles.

For more information, contact the number one IT and engineering staffing agency in the Philadelphia region by calling 215-699-5500 or visit to get connected.

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