In today’s challenging business environment, the quality of your people is your strongest asset that will differentiate you from your competitors. To build a highly skilled and motivated team, you need to work with the right staffing company that has the ability to identify and hire top talent in a fiercely competitive labor market.

Experience and Capabilities 

Partner with a staffing company where the recruiters are dedicated experts in the field with years (preferably decades) of experience. Experience is the real competitive advantage in this business. When the recruiters who will work for you have dealt with clients of various sizes across industries or business segments similar to yours, they will be able to deliver the results you are looking for. 

There is no substitute for experience and it provides invaluable insights that will help you strategize your workforce goals, hire top-tier talent, and put your business on a winning path. 

The right staffing company that has been in the marketplace for years will have an enormous and constantly growing pool of outstanding candidates, and powerful professional networks. There are no shortcuts to achieve these capabilities, so you need a company that is an old warhorse of recruiting.

Niche Expertise and Boutique Services

In this era of specialization, it is hard to win with general staffing companies that prioritize quantity over quality. It is best to choose a boutique firm that has niche expertise in specific verticals, such as IT, engineering, and food & beverage. 

When the recruiters have dedicated knowledge in their niche area, they will be able to lead and dominate the market and make sure that you get proven and passionate candidates that are a solid fit for your company. Specialists in their field know the rules of conduct, the best industry practices, and enjoy excellent relationships with the most sought-after passive candidates in your area of business. 

A boutique staffing firm will also be able to provide you personalized services and take the pressure off your shoulders. They will deliver custom staffing solutions designed specifically to meet your business needs. In a rapidly evolving global market environment, you cannot outperform with a generic, unfocused, or half-hearted talent hiring and retention strategy; so, be sure to choose a specialist.

Versatile Process to Provide Perfect Matches

When you are selecting a staffing company, it’s essential to look at the process they follow to find great matches and whether they have the versatility to meet your needs for different types of talent. Focus not just on your immediate hiring needs, but also your long-term staffing requirements.

Check whether the recruitment firm you are considering is able to deliver on staffing solutions such as direct hire, temp-to-hire, temporary, on-site, remote, and work-from-home. You need to be sure about the company’s hiring process. Ask yourself: “How do I know whether a candidate this firm is presenting to me is one of the best in the marketplace?”

Learn about the kind of candidates the firm has in its pool, the network partners it has, and the systems and procedures it follows in identifying, analyzing, and vetting candidates. Does the company leverage multiple channels, including online engagement and social recruiting? Does it have a rigorous vetting process in place that includes personality, aptitude, and psychometric tests, group discussions, skill testing, personal interviews, and background checks?

Focus on Relationships and Communication 

You may intuitively think that bigger is better, but it is not necessarily so when it comes to choosing a staffing company. Trusted relationships and direct and timely communication matter in this field. With very large firms, there will be multiple layers of communication. The representatives may keep changing, and personalized relationships are difficult to nurture.

You need your calls to be returned on time, your text messages and emails to be diligently followed, and no glitches or gaps in communication that could hurt your chances to land the right candidates. A staffing firm that values relationships, is committed to providing you personalized attention and is willing to go the extra mile to take care of your recruiting needs will produce far superior outcomes for you than just a large, impersonal placement giant.

Whether there is transparency and trust and an ease of communication, you will know that you can depend on your staffing agency’s inputs, feedback, and suggestions. You will be able to share more about your unique business goals, needs, and expectations with your recruiting partner, which is critical for them to help you get the right candidates. With minimal investment of your time and resources, you will start achieving the most effective results through this robust relationship.

AI Backed Technology

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the future of recruiting, and it can exponentially boost the quality of hiring. Work with a staffing company that is investing in AI capabilities and utilizing the power of cutting-edge technology to meet your recruiting demands. AI can help the staffing firm build a faster and bigger talent pipeline, collect and analyze more data on the candidates, and meet your tight deadlines without having to scamper through the process.

AI is also a powerful emerging solution for recruiting and engaging with contract and deskless workers. Without the power of AI, the recruiting team on average may take a week or two to reach out to engage with an applicant. But with the process automation that AI introduces into the recruitment process, the engagement with an applicant can occur in seconds. In simple words, AI will get you to the top talent much faster than your competitors.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

To finalize your choice of the right staffing company, once you have narrowed down your options, you need to objectively assess the key metrics or performance indicators that matter to you. For instance, if the staffing agency provides a submittal ratio of 2:1 or better, it is a fairly strong performer. (A 2:1 ratio means that for every two resumes submitted, one person is interviewed.) 

Check whether the staffing firm you are considering even tracks these metrics, and is willing to share them with you. Other KPIs that may matter to you include cost-to-hire, time-to-hire, and quality of hire. If the agency’s strengths on these metrics match with your needs and you have the confidence they can solve the specific staffing issues you are facing, you might want to partner with them.

Kane Partners – The Right Staffing Company for Your Needs

If you understand the cost of hiring less than the best candidate, you will know the importance of working with a top-rated staffing firm. When you choose Kane Partners, you will be working with a proven industry expert that is one of the most respected names in staffing. 

We are not the typical cut-throat firm or a visionless company that is just looking for the easy-fills. We take pride in our work, and we are here to satisfy you and delight you with our performance and service. Call us today to schedule a meeting with us to discuss your staffing requirements.