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Staying Relevant in your Job Recruiting

Need Something…There’s An App For That

Yes, there is an app for almost everything… from Facebook, to banking, to health monitors, and games.  Just about anything you need can be found in a quick search in the app store and with multiple options to choose from.  So what does today’s increasingly mobile centric culture mean for companies during the hiring process?

Why Mobile is a Must

People are spending less and less time sitting in front of traditional computers and laptops researching companies, LinkedIn profiles, Glassdoor reviews, and more.  Instead whether they are on the couch or the train commuting to work, they do a mobile search of the company’s social media profiles and website before deciding whether or not to apply to the position. At this point from mobile they only know what the job description says and what they have seen online, via their social media apps.

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Usability and Functionality is Key

Assume the first impression of a potential candidate is on a mobile device. Making sure your website and application process are both mobile friendly is a must.

We all know the frustration when looking up a website on our phone, and the format is not converting or you have to zoom in to the see the text, not fun!

If a candidate has trouble navigating a page, it won’t take long for frustration to set in and perhaps they will give up on the application all together.   And why not? If a company can’t put a responsive website together for something as important as hiring, chances are they are behind the times in other areas as well.

Major Brands Getting On Board

According to 77% of job seekers are using mobile job search apps.  That’s a huge part of the market!  The only way to tap into mobile is to make sure your mobile website is attractive, accessible and functional.

Just last week it was announced that Monster is in the process of acquiring the mobile job app, Jobr, and is making strategic plans to focus more on mobile recruiting.  The app works like a version of Tinder for job seekers, matching candidates and companies, promising quick interview requests and results.

What does it all mean? Stay relevant in your hiring efforts by staying current with your recruiting tools.   Today that means making sure your website is mobile responsive and your jobs accept mobile applications. 

Your company doesn’t have long to make a strong first impression.

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