Women Leaders in Business

Companies Run by Women: In 1986 the month of March was officially named Women’s History Month by 14th states in the United States of America.  On March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day.   It’s history goes back to 1911.

Women have come a long way since 1911, even since 1986.  We wanted to celebrate technology companies run by women this month by highlighting a few success stories.

Meet 5 women who are the minds behind 5 tech companies.

successful women led companies

1 – Alicia Navarro – Founder and CEO of Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a San Francisco based company with offices in London and New York City that allows publishers to track clicks and purchases from links on their website.  Sounds simple, right?  Not so much, there is a lot of data, research, and programming (as well as 50+ staffers) behind this powerful tool.  The tool is used by crowd favorite Pinterest, to monetize content.

Navarro started coding at the impressive age of 9.  We are sure there will be more amazing things coming from her and Skimlinks.

To find out more about Alicia visit  www.skimlinks.com and follow her Twitter @AliciaNavarro.

2 – Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin – CoFounders of The Skimm 

These 2 college friends, Danielle and Carly, created a website together called The Skimm back in 2012 that provides short, easy to read news snippets about current events.

Danielle went to Tufts University and Carly went to the University of Pennsylvania, here in Philadelphia, and they met while in Rome studying abroad with their respective universities.  It was there that they discovered their shared passion for news.

Not only do they have a great website, but also a daily email newsletter and various social profiles to access these news snippets depending on your preference.

Visit them site at www.theskimm.com to learn more or follow them on Twitter @DMWeisberg and @theSkimm.

companies run by women

3 – Adda Birnir – Founder and Instructor of Skillcrush

On the Skillcrush website they define themselves as “An interactive online learning community for creatives, thinkers, and makers.”  Skillcrush offers everything from coding bootcamps to educational seminars about a variety of topics, and even mentoring.

Adda Birnir is the Founder and Instructor at Skillcrush.  She has been self-taught in her tech skills and has worked on websites for the NY Time and MTV! Adda is a great example of a woman taking the initiative and becoming immersed in self-education.

Find out more at www.skillcrush.com and follow Adda on Twitter @addabjork

4 –Melanie Perkins – CoFounder and CEO of Canva 

If you follow Kane Partners you have seen the work of Canva.

Canva is an amazing (and a personal favorite) online graphic design software that is simple and user friendly allowing people of ALL skill levels to produce high quality graphics and text image overlays of all shapes and sizes.  They offer both free and paid features allowing you to choose what’s best for you.

Melanie Perkins is the Co-Founder and CEO of Canva.  Founded in 2012, it has since grown to 70+ people based in Australia, and used by more than 14 million people in over 150 countries!  Perkins has a background in graphic design and even was a graphic design instructor where she saw how difficult simple design concepts were for untrained people to understand.  After A LOT of research and time Canva was born from those humble beginnings.

Perkins is an excellent example of a professional that saw a need and developed a kickass solution.

Sign-up at www.canva.com and follow Melanie on Twitter at @MelanieCanva

5 – Sandi MacPherson – Founder of Quibb

5 Technology Companies Run by Women

Quibb is a professional, member only network to share industry news and analysis. There isn’t a ton of information available on the platform because it is member only and according to them they only approve 41% of member applications.  The rumor is that they are a real up and comer on the tech frontier.

Sandi MacPherson is the Editor-in-Chief and curates the content, network, and products of Quibb which she founded in 2013.

Is Quibb for you?  Check it out at  www.quibb.com and Sandi on Twitter @sandimac

We love uncovering new companies run by women in the tech industry making strides as innovators, owners, creators and leaders in companies.  Do you know of an awesome female run company you think we should check out? Let us know!