No matter what industry you work in, you need skilled, knowledgeable, and trustworthy employees. As a hiring manager, it’s your job to find these workers for your place of business, but you don’t need to go at it alone. A recruiting and staffing agency is an ideal source for finding top talent in IT, engineering, manufacturing, and similar industries.

Here are five advantages of working with a recruiting and staffing agency you need to know.

They Put in the Leg Work

Recruiting and staffing agencies put in the work. They are in charge of putting together job listings, seeking out candidates, and filling positions in a variety of settings. This involves reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, sending job offers, negotiating pay, and onboarding new hires. Essentially, the best staffing agencies will find you ideal candidates. They also use a recruiting algorithm, which increases the chances of hiring productive and competent employees by 50%!

Staffing Agencies Have More Connections

Because of their scope of work, staffing agency services have plenty of connections in many industries. This allows them to access a multitude of professionals through various channels, like LinkedIn and similar websites, job fairs at colleges and universities, and industry-specific events.

They Have More Insight Into the Hiring Process

A recruiting and staffing agency has the expertise to hire ideal candidates for your company. Recruiters understand what both companies and candidates are looking for. For example, above all other prerequisites, 60% of recruiters value how a potential employee might fit in with the culture of the company. Additionally, staffing agencies understand that companies with an ethnically diverse workforce outcompete other companies by 35% when it comes to industry earnings. This is why recruiters have a better idea of what candidates and what companies will mesh well together. You can trust a staffing agency to find you a new hire that’ll acclimate well to your place of business.

Peace of Mind

The best staffing agency will give you, the hiring manager, peace of mind during the entire recruiting and hiring process. Did you know that 35% of recruiters say their biggest stressor is sourcing qualified candidates while 30% said that clients being too slow to make an offer was theirs? When you hire an excellent recruiting and staffing agency, you can let the professionals take over this process and worry about the finite hiring details. You can relax knowing they’ll find you top talent.

Work with a trusted recruiting and staffing agency today! Contact Kane Partners to get started. We will find you top talent whether you work in manufacturing, engineering, IT, or a similar industry.