If you are looking to fill a full-time, high-level, skilled laborer position, you should consult manufacturing headhunters. Using manufacturing headhunters to help with your hiring needs can help you avoid mistakes and get the best candidates for your position. This is especially true since more than 73% of job seekers are only passively looking for a job according to SmallBizGenius. Here are three ways that hiring manufacturing headhunters can help your business.

They Can Find the Most Suitable Candidates

If your business typically does its hiring, you probably use job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn, but this isn’t the only way to find candidates. Manufacturing headhunters have a stockpile of recruiting tools and resources to help them find the most suitable candidates for your position.

One of the ways they can find the most suitable candidates is by searching the “hidden” job market. There are more candidates out there than there are on the job boards. Some of the best candidates for your position may already be employed elsewhere, but manufacturing headhunters know the best way to get a passive candidate interested in your position. They’ll find these candidates for you, utilizing their vast network of professional connections in the manufacturing industry.

They Have Expertise in Manufacturing Headhunting

Something important to understand is that headhunters specialize in certain industries. This means when you hire a manufacturing headhunter, you are hiring a headhunter that understands what your manufacturing company is all about and what they should be looking for in candidates.

While this is extremely beneficial when sourcing and interviewing candidates, their expertise can also help you understand the market. Headhunters know who is hiring, why they are hiring, and what pay level they are hiring at. This helps determine the market rate and what you could expect the salary to be for each level of employee. Having a better understanding of the market will help with your hiring efforts, and a manufacturing headhunter will be able to provide you with this information.

They Are Efficient

The more you do a job, the better you get at it. This is true across many different industries and does not exclude recruiting and staffing agencies. Since headhunters source, gather and interview candidates all day long, their experience has made this process very efficient.

Manufacturing headhunters already know where to find the best candidates, so they are not wasting time sifting through major job boards. They have databases full of prospective candidates as well as hundreds of candidates they have relationships with already that they can get interested in your position, making their candidate sourcing process extremely efficient.

You need an experienced and skilled workforce, but finding these candidates is difficult and time-consuming if you’re not an experienced headhunter. At Kane Partners, you’ll find experienced headhunters to help you fill your high-level, skilled labor position in a timely manner. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help your business.