When you’re looking to fill an executive food and beverage position, you don’t want just any candidate. You need candidates with exceptional traits that will help your company achieve success. Since 16% of new hires dismiss a company after working there for only 2 years, according to Capterra, it’s incredibly important to hire candidates with the traits you need to prevent high turnover. Here are the top three traits you need in candidates food and beverage recruiters can help you find.

The Ability to Overcome Obstacles

In the food and beverage industry, like most industries, employees are constantly faced with problems and obstacles. As a leader or boss in the industry, candidates need to be able to overcome obstacles and have strong problem-solving skills in order to be successful. The recent pandemic has exemplified this trait in food and beverage managers. This trait is not always easy to find, especially nowadays. Luckily, a food and beverage recruiter knows the correct questions to ask and skills assessments to administer to find candidates with exceptional problem-solving skills. The best staffing agencies will only present you with candidates who have shown the ability to steer your team to success.

A Can-Do Attitude

You need people on your team who can inspire success, and there’s no better candidate to motivate your team than one with a can-do attitude. For this reason, a can-do attitude and ambition are top traits that a food and beverage recruiter searches for when looking for candidates to fill your open position.

The Desire to Achieve More

A good leader doesn’t accept how things stand but rather is consistently looking to grow with the desire to achieve more. You need a leader with a vision for company growth, profit, retention, and more. Luckily, a food and beverage recruiter knows what to look for in a potential food industry executive. By taking a look at their career path and achievements, staffing agencies can see if a candidate has demonstrated a desire to achieve more. An example would be how they moved up the corporate ladder throughout their career and the amount of time they spent at each level or with each company.

To say the least, hiring in the food and beverage industry is a challenge. Making the wrong hiring decision can lead to high turnover not only for the new hire but among the team under their management. To get the best quality candidates, use trusted and experienced food and beverage recruiters, like us at Kane Partners. We’ll ensure you’re presented with only the highest-quality candidates that exhibit the desirable traits listed above. Give us a call today to get started on your search.