Women in STEM Related Fields

Women have steadily been increasing in numbers in a number of professions that have been traditionally dominated by men, and STEM-related fields are no exception. But much work is still left to do, as women are still far outnumbered by their male counterparts in STEM careers.

Areas of work that involve science, technology, manufacturing, engineering, and mathematics sound like subject areas that primarily males would be attracted to and interested in. And while that has been largely true over the years, a shift may be taking place.

Of course, STEM job opportunities are open to all who display an interest and a qualification, including both men and women. But it’s the women who may need a little more encouragement to pursue a career that may pique their interests, yet may feel like they’re navigating a predominantly male-centered area of expertise.

The truth is, there is a multitude of opportunity for those seeking a career in the STEM field, as STEM jobs are projected to grow 13% through to 2027 compared to 9% for non-STEM jobs.

And the opportunity to make a very handsome living in a STEM-related career field is very promising compared to other types of jobs out there. More specifically, 93% of STEM occupations have wages above the national average.

But only 36% of all high school graduates in the US are prepared to take science courses on a college level science course, and universities are anticipated to have just 29% of the required number of graduates to enter a STEM-related career field.

The thing is, 74% of middle school girls seem to show an interest in math, science, and engineering. But just 0.3% choose computer science as a college major.

STEM Careers Are a Growing Market

There is certainly a need to fill positions in the STEM fields. The opportunities are abound, providing both men and women who are qualified with the right education and training to fulfill these important positions.

With the proper educational background, STEM-related graduates typically have absolutely no trouble finding a job that meets their criteria. It certainly is a highly lucrative and promising career path to take, and more women should be open to pursuing it.

STEM education and skills are crucial to the USA’s ability to compete globally on an innovative platform. Some of the largest growth industries are embedded in STEM, and some of the highest salaries in the country are realized by those working in these fields, particularly in technology. That said, women still continue to be underrepresented in STEM fields like manufacturing and engineering.

Yet despite the low numbers right now, the outlook for women in STEM is not exactly sullen. More women are entering the STEM field, albeit not in numbers seen with men. And organizations are increasingly establishing mentorship programs to entice women to engage in STEM fields and support them as they do so.

Women who are already in STEM fields and succeeding at it are encouraging their female peers to persevere and strive for what they want. With so many young girls in middle school expressing an interest in STEM, they need to be encouraged to pursue what they want. Women in STEM are certainly on the move in this realm, and more and more organizations are fostering programs to harness the power of women and their interest in STEM-related field.

Right now is the best time to get into technology, considering how lucrative this particular industry is and the demand that has exploded for it.
Technology is literally transforming industries, and women need to take advantage of the opportunity by embracing their interest and applying it to their careers.