Dressing Appropriately for a Job Interview

With the turn of the decade, has anything changed in the job interview attire front? Is interview attire in 2020 as important as it was in 2010? According to a recent Forbes article it is. What to wear to a job interview is just as important in 2020 as it ever was.

Our previous blog about interview attire received great response. As a follow-up, we thought we’d take a bit of a deeper dive into the major do’s and don’ts when it comes to what to wear to your next interview. Yes, it is so important we are covering it again.

We know that interviews can be nerve racking. Why compound the stress with worrying about what to wear? Here are a few helpful guidelines when deciding what to wear to your next interview!

Business Professional

Every company is different. Most will tell you their dress code expectations when setting up your interview. At Kane Partners we always tell candidates to dress business professional, because it’s professional and shows that you care about first impressions.

You might have heard of terms like “dress for success” or “dress to impress” or “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well, they aren’t just popular because they are good soundbites, they are true.

Remember, you only get ONE chance to make a good impression.

Job Interview Attire for Women


  • Clothes that fit your body. Avoid clothes to big or too tight.
  • Neutral color suit jacket, black, navy or tan is most common.
  • A blouse or button down collared shirt.
  • Try to avoid crazy colors or designs.


  • Skirt or pants that match or compliment the jacket
  • A belt if the shirt is tucked in.


  • Flats or 1-2 inch heels

Jewelry & Accessories

  • Minimal jewelry is best, nothing flashy.
  • Purse or briefcase that is well organized and professional

Job Interview Attire for Men


  • Clothes that fit your body. Avoid clothes to big or too tight.
  • Ideally you are in a full matching suit.
  • Pair with a collared dress shirt and coordinating tie.
  • Blazer if a suit is not available


  • Dress pants if a suit is not available


  • Dress shoes that are clean and shined


  • Little to none.

Finally, the following tips should apply to both men and women. We share these tips because they have been our experiences, yet it happens, more often than you think.

  • Launder all clothes.
  • Use an iron when appropriate.
  • Linen is not a business professional material.
  • Do not eat in the car before your interview, if you do make sure it is something that won’t make a mess, like a mustard pretzel.
  • Perfume and cologne, less is more. Smell nice but don’t overwhelm.
  • Deodorant and personal hygiene is
  • Check your teeth for food or lipstick, and brush.
  • No gum, but a mint is always nice!

Remember when in doubt, dress to impress and keep it simple. Don’t overthink your outfit, look good and do your best!

Good luck on your next interview!

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