5 Time Management Apps to Help During the Job Hunt

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Time Management – There’s an App for That

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s a full time job, to find a new job?”  Chances are even if you haven’t heard the phrase you’ve felt it. Between the resume editing, applications, follow ups, and interviews the process of making a career change takes a lot of time.  And that’s something most people feel like they don’t have enough of especially if they are currently employed.

To make your process easier we compiled a list of 5 useful apps you should consider downloading to help manage your time and stay organized while searching for your next job.  These 5 are just the beginning, if you want more go to the App Store or Google Play on your phone, there are hundreds of options available!

1 – Jobr by Monster

Most major job boards have an app associated with them now.  Some of the big players are Monster, Indeed, DICE, Careerbuilder, and Glassdoor.

Jobr is an app created by Monster.com where you can search for jobs and interact with potential employers in a way that showcases both your experiences with qualifications and also your personality.  Not only can you upload a resume, but you can select your own profile pictures, write a creative bio, and even add videos to your applications.

The jobs listed are less than 2 weeks old and the app keeps track of the applications you have submitted, which has never been easier.  If you want to find the right job and showcase your profile with experience then this is the most efficient way to do so!

2 – LinkedIn + LinkedIn JobSearch

Most people know of LinkedIn as a professional business to business social media networking site, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye, especially when you’re on the job hunt.  The main LinkedIn app will function just like the website allowing you to see what people you follow put on their timelines, research companies and their employees, and access any messages you have sent back and forth between hiring managers and connections.

The LinkedIn JobSearch app allows you access to the thousands of companies who post jobs on Linkedin every day.  And you can apply and get notifications when new jobs match your profile.  There is even a feature where you can let recruiters know that you are “open to new opportunities” by clicking a button once a month letting them know they can reach out to you.

You will save time with your profile, resume, applications all at the tips of your fingers saving you time.

Kane Partners Time Management


If This, Then That… An office favorite – especially with our techie people.  Do you have a ton of apps that you use and have trouble keeping up with everything going on?  “Then this” is the perfect app for you.  You can create “recipes” to help you track everything, for example:

If someone follows me on Twitter then their name and available contact info will be added to a spreadsheet on my Google Drive.


If I share a picture on Instagram then it can share it on Twitter as a native post.

There are hundreds of recommended “recipes” to get you started and then you can create your own custom ones to fit your needs.  It is by far the easiest way to keep track and save all of the information going on on all of your apps without having to log into everything and manually check/compile lists.  The hard work is done for you, leaving you with more time for the things that matter.

Here are a few apps that integrate with IFTTT:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Skype
  • ESPN
  • Spotify
  • Gmail

The list goes on and on, 500+ apps are compatible

4 – Evernote

Organization is the key to time management.  Evernote is one of the most popular apps for organization, you can make notes, as well as to-do lists, and you can save screenshots, bookmarks, and more online. Best part it all syncs between your phone, tablet, and computer.

Are you a visual person that likes to take notes further than just typing words?  Evernote allows you to use text, sketches, photos, PostIt® Notes, audio and video recordings and more.  And everything created is searchable, tagable and you can categorize, so you can find it in a hurry at a later date.

Have a long morning train commute into the city?  Use it to research some companies that you are interested in and save it in your notes in Evernote.  You won’t waste time searching through all the possible places your notes could be because now they are all in one place.

5 – Sleep Cycle

time management apps

Ok, this one is a bit out of the box when it comes to time management, but just stick with us and we will explain.

Sleep Cycle is a simple app that tracks your sleep.  Nothing too exciting, right?  Wrong.  The greatest feature of Sleep Cycle is that it will wake you up when you are at the highest point of your sleep cycle.  By doing this you will wake up quicker and easier than with a traditional alarm.  This will save you time from hitting the snooze button over and over again.  And the longer you use it, the more it learns your sleep patterns and the best time to go to sleep and the optimal amount of time you should sleep each night.

Pretty neat, right?

Not only will you wake up easier and more refreshed you will be happier and more well rested throughout the days and weeks.  Just imagine showing up for an interview after a great night of sleep feeling invigorated rather than depleted and dreaming of coffee.

One of the most important parts of time management is making sure that your health is at an optimal level since you’ll have your normal job responsibilities on top of the stress of finding a new job, trying to balance interview requests, etc.  This app is a great way to help keep you at the top of your game and prioritize sleep!

There you go, 5 apps to help you manage your time effectively during the job search.  A mix of job searching, network building, health sustaining, and organization. What are your favorite apps to use when searching for a new job?  We’d love to hear about them!


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