The Important Ways Manufacturing Headhunters Transform The Hiring Process

Manufacturing jobs are a boon to the U.S. economy. According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), every $1.00 that goes into U.S. manufacturing more than doubles, ultimately contributing $2.74 to the economy

At Kane Partners Staffing Solutions, our manufacturing headhunters know the importance of supporting U.S. manufacturers. Team up with our recruiters to keep the industry thriving and strong.

About The Manufacturing Industry in the US

Why choose manufacturing jobs? At Kane Partners, we educate candidates about the many advantages awaiting them in the manufacturing sector. These advantages include:

  • 12.839 million Americans currently have manufacturing jobs, and there is room for plenty more!
  • As previously stated, there is a lot of opportunity in the industry. Approximately 2.69 million workers are on track to retire in the near future and industry growth is likely to add another 1.96 million jobs.
  • Jobs in the manufacturing sector pay 21% more than the average career. Annual salaries can be as high as $87,185.
  • The industry allows for a surprising amount of job diversity. Buying and purchasing managers, manufacturing managers, plant engineers and managers, operations managers, and engineers all work in the manufacturing field.

Challenges Facing Manufacturing Companies

Our manufacturing headhunters understand that, while there is ample opportunity in the field, there are challenges to overcome as well. Reliable staffing agencies have solutions for some of the biggest obstacles facing the industry.

Kane Partners will help you combat challenges. Are you worried about the lack of new talent or millennials entering the field? What about manufacturing and production jobs going overseas? With the evolution and near-constant introduction of new technologies, many worry about the changing nature of manufacturing jobs.

While these may initially seem like significant hurdles to success, our manufacturing headhunters can help you take on each of these problems head-on. Learn more below.

Improving And Overhauling The Job Search Process

At Kane Partners, we take an innovative approach to the job search. Our manufacturing headhunters tailor their search to the industry. Here are just a few important distinctions to expect:

  • Many of the U.S. men and women currently in manufacturing are retiring in the coming months or years. For the industry to continue to thrive, recruiters need to attract new talent and particularly millennials — or young people who will remain in the field for years and years to come.
  • Young Americans searching for jobs are primarily using the internet. That comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Online job boards help you reach a greater number of candidates. They also give you more applicants to comb through and, if you do not post job openings carefully, you risk blending in a sea of potential employers. That is where experienced headhunters come in. The staff at Kane Partners have talented and reliable candidates ready to entertain new opportunities. Plus, they have the necessary tools and resources to attract qualified candidates online as well. Temp-to-hire jobs attract young workers wishing to break into the industry, helping you reach one of the most desirable demographics among applicants.
  • For some years, there have been fears about companies exporting manufacturing jobs to cut costs. The good news is that the trend is coming to a halt. Increasingly savvy consumers wish to support American-made products and goods that are manufactured in environments that are as ethical as possible. A growing number of factories based overseas do not meet customers’ ethical standards. With demand shifting back to American manufacturers, there is greater opportunity for you and your company. Our staff will make sure to pass along the good news to job hunters as well!
  • At Kane Partners, we are abreast of the changes in the industry — and we embrace them. Robotics and new technologies are not replacing workers. Rather, they are creating new specialized work. Our recruiters find workers that are not only dependable, but also able to pick up new skills quickly. These workers can adapt with the industry, making them an ideal fit for your company as operations continue to grow and evolve.

The manufacturing industry is a promising and ever-changing one. For the right manufacturing recruiting firms and manufacturing companies, it’s also an incredible opportunity. Team up with the professionals at Kane Partners to recruit the best possible candidates for the job.