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“Job Seekers: Not getting the Callback/Interview”
By: Kristin Kane, Kane Partners Staffing Solutions

Today’s economic climate has had a huge impact on many people’s job search often leaving them with frustration and little results. With fewer jobs available and stiffer competition, many people asking the question… WHY? Why have I not received an interview or even a callback? I don’t get it… I can do the job!

Evaluating the question “WHY” is something every job seeker should do, especially in today’s economy. First one has to keep in mind the ‘job market’ has shifted, more people, less jobs which means you may/should have to change your strategy. Many job seekers have kept the same routine for job hunting and are expecting the same results as a few years ago.

Most people are equipped with a current resume, which is usually well written and aesthetically pleasing with only minor mistakes, spelling or grammatical. Unfortunately, the problem is the resume lacks real content, the key component to getting a call/interview. The ‘content’ is unique to each job seeker and a cookie cutter approach to a resume might not be the best strategy. A resume is not just your ‘job description’ but should include how you added value to the job. A well-written resume may include: accomplishments, awards, cost saving measures, special projects, and/or what distinguishes you from the competition.

For those that are still not getting the call/interview… what now? First, I would suggest you pull up the job description and your resume. Does your resume actually say that you can do the job on paper? If not, this may be why you have not received a call. You do not appear qualified. Each company is looking for something different and you can’t assume they know you have done something because of your title. Be careful. There is a fine line between too much and not enough on your resume. Never lie or exaggerate on a resume. If you don’t have something do not put it. It’s grounds for immediate disqualification. Not sure how to phrase it, consult a professional. If you are applying to more than one type of job you should have more than one type of resume. It is the resume that will get you the interview or call back. If you haven’t spent the time or addressed what the company is looking for, especially in today’s economy, chances are you will end up in the ‘pass’ file.

Thanks to NBC10 I had the opportunity to help a job seeker, Alessandro, in a similar situation. It wasn’t until we actually sat down and went over his resume and the jobs he was applying to that we found what was missing. Go to AS SEEN ON NBC10 to view the story of Alessandro. Hopefully, this will show job seekers a little elbow grease and editing of a resume can go a long way, especially in today’s economy! If you are having a similar problem or not sure why you might not be getting the call, help is out there. The current economy has slowed the hiring process and with the high unemployment rate the number of applicants has increased, therefore companies are slower to hire and more selective with a larger candidate pool. Remain positive and don’t be afraid to change your tactics to get seen.

As I like to say, it’s your resume that will get you the interview and the interview is what will get you the job. Your time and efforts should be invested in the resume!

Submitted by: Kristin Kane, Kane Partners LLC| www.kanepartners.net
July 14, 2009, 12:15pm

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