Signs It May Be Time for a New Job

How do you know when it’s time to move on from your current position? There are certainly many factors that can lead to that decision. Is it simply boredom or complacency in your current job?Are the opportunities for advancement just not there, or maybe you are consistently overlooked for those positions?

Is the turnover rate so high within the team that it causes you to look for a reason to leave only because everyone else seems to be jumping ship? For any professional, the perceived lack of leadership within a team will cause turnover. Are you seeing the signs in your place of employment? If so, Kane Partners can help in your next job placement. Contact us to find out more.

Is the Churn Rate High?

A high turnover rate is a sure sign that something needs to change within a team. When employees are walking out the door, it’s critical for HR to uncover what is causing the turnover during the exit interviews with soon-to-be former employees.

Often times, high turnover within a team or department can be traced directly back to that department’s leadership, or lack thereof. For employees who are looking for new opportunities within their role, a lack of forward thinking and forward innovation may cause a lack of faith in leadership.

Most employees want to be challenged with the latest and greatest tools and innovations, to not only build their own skillset, but to make the department or organization more efficient.

Employees are Stagnate or Bored in Current Roles

Boredom amongst employees is another sure-sign of needed change within an organization. Employees need to be challenged and motivated, but motivating a team can be a difficult task at times for some managers. As an employee, what are the best ways for you to counter boredom in your job?

Look at small projects and tasks that need to be exercised within the team and talk to your manager about taking on a team project or two. This ensures the small projects within the team that need to keep the department functional continue to move forward, and as an employee within the team, it may cure your boredom. The delegated tasks may also allow your manager to focus on ways to keep the team motivated.

For the IT professionals and engineers who are looking to be challenged in the workplace, Kane Partners has direct job placement that may be the perfect fit for your skills.

Lack of Motivation

The most alarming sign of lack of leadership is just an overall lack of motivation and morale. Attempting to cure your own boredom and stagnation at work is one thing, but when overall motivation is lacking, and morale is low, it could mean it’s time to move on.

As with churn, motivation and morale are high cue signs for employees there is a fundamental lack in something within the team. For those who want to be challenged in their jobs, low morale is usually the kiss of death for continuing with the team.

Read the signs on the wall at your office. A lack of leadership at the top permeates throughout the team.

For engineers, IT professionals, and professionals in manufacturing, Kane Partners can assist you in finding the ideal job and position for your career growth.