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Finding the right IT staffing agency is not as easy as you might think. There’s a lot to consider before shaking hands with a company that claims they are able to fill your top positions. Let Kane Partners show you why we are considered the best in the business.

Why Kane Partners?

Kane Partners provides exceptional IT staffing services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, as well as nationally. We’ve been partnering with companies and finding ideal matches for their open positions since 2004. Having been recognized as a leading IT staffing agency, Kane Partners works tirelessly to recruit and find the ideal candidate with the skill sets and experience for your company’s overall culture.

We understand the industry knowledge and the latest trends happening in Information Technology. With an extensive professional network of workers who have gone through all the latest training, your company can count on the recruits and recommendations of Kane Partners.

As professional recruiters for top-tier companies, Kane Partners understands the unique specific hiring requirements of our clients. Our recruiting experts have the skills and experience necessary to identify the talent your business is looking for. With nearly 15 years in the field, it’s easy to see why companies rely on Kane Partners to find the perfect placement for their needs.

You’ll find Kane Partners checks all the boxes when it comes to providing IT staffing solutions. We understand the industry knowledge and the latest trends happening in Information Technology. With an extensive professional network of workers who have gone through all the latest training, your company can count on the recruits and recommendations of Kane Partners.

Proven IT Recruiting Process

Our clients appreciate the straightforward process Kane Partners uses for our IT staffing solutions. Kane Partners search includes a 10-step process that sets us apart from other IT staffing agencies in the industry:

  • Partnership Agreement
  • Candidate Search
  • Target Company Search
  • Candidate Identification, Screening, and Recruitment
  • Opportunity Presentation
  • Candidate Presentation/Submission to Client
  • Interview Preparation for Candidate and Client
  • Prioritization and Feedback from Candidate and Client
  • Offer Presentation and Negotiation
  • Acceptance, Resignation, and Follow-Up

IT Staffing Agency Working as Your Partner

No other IT staffing agency goes to the lengths that Kane Partners does to ensure the best candidate for your company. Since all parties are working together as a team, it is essential that both your company and the candidate are as open and honest as possible. This is where the feedback process becomes crucial to make the match that is right for both parties. If your company feels that the candidate selected is not an ideal fit, this is the time for clear communication so that another person with a similar background can be selected. Through clear communication and trust, we hope to build a lasting relationship with your company and help you grow.

With an ever-increasing candidate base, Kane Partners is the IT staffing agency able to assist you in filling your vacant position within your IT department. Let our professionals begin our 10-step process to recruit your ideal candidates. We’re confident you’ll find our process will organize and streamline the recruitment process from start to finish.

Your People Are Your Biggest Asset

At Kane Partners, we understand that you’re not hiring a resume. You’re hiring a person. You’re also not hiring an IT staffing company to use as an applicant tracking system. We’ve already covered why it’s important to work with your staffing agency as a partner. What do you gain by looking beyond a candidate’s resume, though?

Regardless of resume, it’s our job to help you find the best possible person for the job. As part of that process, we want to help you understand why the person behind the resume is more important than the resume itself. In order to craft a strong culture and effective business, you’re going to need the right people in the right seats.

Kane partners can help you find the right people. And by doing so in a manner that goes beyond an individual’s resume, you’re helping to cultivate a stronger, more diverse, and more effective workforce for your company.

Kane Partners is able to draw the ideal candidate from our established database of candidates, professionals, and industry contacts. Based on your organizations job requirements and company culture, candidates will be screened based on what you have in mind as a good fit into your company.

You’ll work closely with Kane Partners to find and agree on a potential candidate from the screening process. After a few more details, the candidate will be scheduled to interview with your organization. Kane Partners will arrange the interviews via phone, in person, onsite, and via video conference, including follow-up interviews.

If your company is satisfied with the match, Kane Partners will present the candidate with your job offer. The salary and benefits will already have been outlined during the vetting process. Kane Partners thorough, professional IT staffing process ensures all parties are satisfied with the outcome. Final steps on the part of Kane Partners include ensuring that the candidate resigns from their current position and prepares to step in to their role at your company.

Contact Kane Partners Today for your IT Staffing

If you’re searching for a seamless IT staffing process, you’ll find Kane Partners has created the perfect method for identifying talent that fits for companies in the Information Technology field. Whether your company happens to be looking for several full-time employees or a temporary contractor, the professionals from Kane Partners can help you find precisely what you need.

We recommend going online to kanepartners.net and reading about the services provided by the most sought after IT staffing agency in the industry. If you have questions, feel free to send an email to info@kanepartners.net or call 215-699-5500.

Kane Partners LLC is a professional, full service staffing firm that specializes in Information Technology, or IT, staffing. Whether you are searching to find a career or searching to find the perfect employee, Kane Partners LLC offers many different services to get you the results you need. For more information call (215) 699-5500 or go online to kanepartners.net.